101 Skills Every Man Should Know

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Remember when you were a kid, and it seemed like your dad could do anything? Catch a fish, build a playhouse, fix a broken toy, even cook dinner… sort of. 

As we get older, we start to understand our fathers are not invincible, mythical figures. They’re ordinary folks, just like the rest of us. But we never lose our desire to grow up to be the kind of guy who can do all the important man-stuff that our dads could do.

These 101 skills are a good place to start. These are things every man should know. Master them. After all, you might just have kids of your own someday, and you’ll want them to think you can do anything. 

1. How To Build a Fire


There was a time when if a man didn’t know how to build a fire, he would die. Think about that next time you’re roasting marshmallows. You may not rely on fire for survival, but you can still take a page from our caveman forefathers. Being able to gather tinder and kindling and use it to get a fire going is an essential skill. You should be able to do it with one match (or better yet, without matches). 

2. How To Change a Lightbulb

Change a Lightbulb


How many men does it take to change a light bulb? The correct answer is one. That means you also need to learn to take the globe off your ceiling light fixture, which is actually the hardest part, but I have faith in you. 

3. How To Tie a Necktie


One thing every guy needs to know is how to look sharp when he has to. That means you need to wear a tie sometimes, and if you’re over the age of 12, then it’s no longer acceptable to wear a clip-on or ask your mom to tie your tie for you. There are a few different necktie knots – the four-in-hand knot is arguably the simplest – and once you learn, it’s like riding a bike. 

4. How To Parallel Park

Parallel Parking skill


Don’t be the guy who holds up traffic backing up, pulling forward, and making multiple attempts to squeeze into a space. Some of us parallel park exactly one time, to pass our drivers’ tests, and then never do it again. If that sounds like you, then you should probably brush up on your skills. 

5. How To Listen


I don’t mean “how to wait until it’s your turn to talk,” I mean how to listen. Being an active, engaged listener is an essential conversation skill, and something every man can get better at. Not only will it enhance your personal relationships, but it’s an essential business skill as well. 

6. How To Take a Good Photograph


You don’t have to be Ansel Adams, but being able to snap a good shot is something everybody ought to be able to do. It’s really just a matter of learning to visualize lighting and composition. Once you do that, you’ll be capturing photographs worthy of hanging up on the wall in no time. 

7. How To Brew Great Coffee


Feel free to choose your preferred coffee making method – French press, pour over, AeroPress – but make sure you really learn how to use it. Buy fresh beans. Grind them yourself. Heat the water to just below boiling. Take your time. A great cup of coffee is its own reward. 

8. How To Tie a Tourniquet


There are certain skills that you may never need but could be life-saving in the unlikely event that you do. If a serious accident or injury should occur, knowing how to tie a tourniquet to stop bleeding is absolutely crucial. 

9. How To Know if Someone is Lying


If there’s one skill that will serve you well throughout your entire life, it’s being able to tell when someone is trying to hoodwink you. Spotting a liar isn’t always easy, but most people have certain “tells” that give them away. Liars often avoid eye contact or may do the exact opposite and make direct, self-conscious eye contact. They may change the subject abruptly, their breathing or posture may change, or they may cover their mouth when speaking. Being able to spot someone who tells porky pies will certainly help you in the long run.

10. How To Hang a Picture



As an adult man, you can’t really get away with hanging Led Zeppelin posters on your wall with masking tape anymore. When you get your first grown-up apartment, it’s time to get some art and learn to hang it. 

11. How To Cook an Egg

Cook an Egg skill


Okay, there are a few ways to make eggs. Let’s start with an easy one. Place eggs in the bottom of a pot and cover them with cold water. Bring the water to a boil, then cover and turn the heat off.

Let the eggs sit for nine to 12 minutes, depending on how well done you like them, and then transfer them to an ice bath to cool. Boom. You’re done. Once you’ve got that down, move on to eggs over-easy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you know. 

12. How To Change the Oil in Your Car



Mechanic skills don’t come naturally to everyone, and that’s okay. You don’t have to learn to take your entire engine apart and put it back together (although if you wanted to, that wouldn’t be the worst thing). But every man should know how to check their oil, when it needs to be changed, and how to change it. 

13. How To Sew a Button

A Close Up Of A Man Wearing A Pale Blue And White Striped Oxford Button Down Shirt


When your shirt loses a button, don’t be one of those guys who just go on wearing their shirt with a button missing. Learn to sew a button back on. Get a little sewing kit and keep it handy, because this is a skill you’ll always need. 

14. How To Talk to a Crowd


Public speaking produces serious anxiety in a lot of us, whether we have to do it for school, for work, or for any number of other reasons. But learning how to confidently address a group of people will take the edge off, and it’s a great skill to have, even if you don’t need it all that often. You may be called upon to give a wedding toast or eulogy someday. 

15. How To Paddle a Canoe


Whether it’s a day of fishing with buddies or a romantic paddle with your best gal, you may find yourself in a situation in which you need to paddle a canoe. Work on your J-stroke, which involves rotating the paddle away from the canoe toward the end of each stroke, and counteracts the canoe’s tendency to turn away from the side you’re paddling on.

16. How To Navigate


I’m not talking about using Google Maps here. The ability to navigate using a map and a compass has become something of a lost art, but it’s a skill that could quite literally save your life if you find yourself lost in the wilderness. 

17. How To Fix a Leak


A leaky pipe or faucet can be the bane of your existence – but not if you know how to fix it! This is a great skill to have, not only for your own peace of mind but because you can save hundreds of dollars by fixing a leak yourself instead of calling a plumber. 

18. How To Throw a Punch



I’m by no means advocating starting a fight if you can avoid it, but you might find yourself in a situation in which you have no choice but to defend yourself. That being the case, you’d best know how to serve up a good old knuckle sandwich. If you do it wrong, you’ll hurt yourself more than your opponent.

A few tips: always wrap your thumb around the outside of your knuckles, keep your arms level with your shoulders, use a jab/cross combination, and aim two inches past your target for good follow-through.  

19. How To Give a Massage



Every man should learn how to give a good massage (ask any woman, and they will confirm this). Giving a good massage is a great way to woo your partner and build intimacy in your relationship. But you need to have some idea what you’re doing, or this can just be a terrible experience for everyone involved. 

20. How To Catch a Fish


Not everybody enjoys fishing. But I’d be willing to bet that the guys who catch more fish tend to enjoy it more. Nobody expects you to start winning Bassmaster tournaments or anything, but a few basic skills like making an accurate cast, baiting a hook, and learning how to fight a big fish to the bank will all come in handy and help you get more out of your time by the lake. 

21. How To Jump Start a Car


If you own a car, you should also own a set of jumper cables and know how to use them. This isn’t just for your own benefit. If someone else’s car battery dies and needs assistance, you want to be able to help them out. 

22. How To Admit You’re Wrong


When you find yourself in a heated argument, it’s easy to ground down no matter how wrong you may be. Ask yourself, am I arguing because I think I’m right, or am I arguing because I want to be right? It takes a bigger man to go into a disagreement willing to be convinced and able to admit when they’re wrong.

23. How To Cook Meat on the Grill


At a bare minimum, every guy should know how to grill a perfect hamburger. Grill over charcoal. Get the coals good and hot before you put the meat on the grill. Flip your burgers as many times as you want, but don’t press them. Once you get that down, you’re ready to tackle steaks and chicken. 

24. How To Cook Meat Somewhere Other Than the Grill



Becoming a grill master is all well and good, but don’t let that be the only way you know how to cook. Being able to feed oneself is a basic survival skill, and will also give you the ability to prepare a delicious meal for friends, family, romantic partners, and so on. Learn how to broil, braise, pan-sear, and slow-cook. Your food will get better, and so will your overall quality of life, trust me. 

25. How To Play Bar Games


Somebody in your friend group needs to know what happens when you scratch off the 8-ball, and how to score a game of darts if the bar has an old-fashioned dartboard instead of one of those electronic ones. Bar games like pool and darts are great social activities, and they give you something to do other than standing around staring into your IPA. You should at least have a basic idea of how they’re played.

26. How To Sharpen a Knife


Any guy who owns a knife should know how to sharpen it. That’s true of kitchen knives as well as pocket knives, hunting knives, and so on. Learn how to really use a whetstone or a steel honing rod. Pull-through sharpeners are bush league, and can actually do more harm to your blade than good. 

27. How To Write a Letter



What a lost art letter writing is. In the age of texts and DMs, it’s not hard to see why our collective writing skills have declined, but the ability to write a letter is something everyone should know. Start formally – you know, “dear whoever” – and use the following paragraphs to describe why you’re writing, tell a story, ask questions, and give details. End the letter formally as well. “Sincerely” usually works, but choose an appropriate closing based on who you’re writing to.

28. How To Haggle


In the US and a lot of other western cultures, negotiating the price of an item or service isn’t a big part of daily life. But in many parts of the world, haggling over price is expected and encouraged. Even here, more things are up for negotiation than you might think, and you can save a lot of money if you know how to drive a hard bargain.

29. How To Fell a Tree



If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of cutting down a tree for your own firewood. But felling a tree is tricky and more than a little bit dangerous, so you need to know what you’re doing.

Learn how to predict which way a tree will fall, and how to make it fall the way you want it to. Always plan your escape route. With a chainsaw, axe, and felling wedge, anyone can correctly take down a tree with a little know-how.

30. How To Split Wood


Next after felling a tree is processing it into usable firewood. There’s a knack to splitting logs, and if you have a quality axe, a sturdy chopping block, and a good swing, it doesn’t have to be exhausting back-breaking work. Swinging an axe isn’t about brute force, it’s about accuracy and velocity. It also helps if you keep your axe sharp. 

31. How To Buy a Suit


Any man can clean up nicely when the situation calls for it… but to do that you need a good suit. Start by getting measured by a tailor, and do a bit of research on different types of suits and when they’re appropriate. In a way, buying a suit is like buying a car – it’s an investment you’ll have to live with for years to come. 

32. How To Paint a Room


Here’s the most important thing to remember about painting a room: the work begins long before you open a can of paint. Clean the walls, fill in holes and let the compound dry, sand down the rough spots, tape off all the switch plates and molding edges. Lay down your primer coat. Then and only then are you ready to paint. Start by painting all the edges and corners with a brush, and then cover open areas with a roller. 

33. How To Craft a Cocktail


Learning to whip up a tasty cocktail is a skill that will come in handy on countless occasions down the road. And I hate to break it to you, but rum and coke ain’t a cocktail. Start with a couple of fairly easy recipes, like a Negroni or an Old Fashioned, and then expand your range from there. Ideally, you should know how to make at least one good cocktail for any type of liquor. 

34. How To Drive in Bad Weather



No matter where you live, there’s always a likelihood that at some point you’ll be forced to drive in some nasty weather. Whether it’s rain, snow, sleet, heavy winds, or blowing sand, it’s important that you know how to safely navigate those conditions. Slow down. Know how to pull yourself out of a skid. 

35. How To Build a Shelf


A handful of basic carpentry skills will serve you well in life. Let’s start with one of the most basic: building a shelf and hanging it on the wall. This one fairly simple job includes a lot of skills – cutting, staining, leveling, stud-finding – that are applicable to more complex projects you might tackle later on, so it’s a great jumping-off point.

36. How To Buy Flowers


First, start with knowing when to buy flowers. Then focus on choosing the right flowers for the right occasion (roses for Valentine’s Day, lilies for a funeral, etc.). Most importantly of all, learn your partner’s favorite flowers and commit them to memory. If your significant other hates roses but loves orchids, you gotta keep that straight!

37. Grow Your Own Food



This is another one of those “people used to die if they couldn’t do this” skills. These days, being able to grow your own food is more of a recreational activity, but it’s also a great self-confidence builder and an excellent way to get produce that isn’t loaded with chemicals and pesticides. It’s also not that hard, as long as you don’t neglect your crops. Anybody can keep a tomato plant alive, trust me. 

38. Whistle With Your Fingers



Remember how your father could call you home from six blocks away with that piercing whistle? It’s an essential dad skill, and it takes a bit of practice, so get crackin’! Here’s a tip: one of the keys to whistling with your fingers is rolling your tongue toward the back of your mouth.

39. How To Identify Poisonous Plants


Nothing ruins a hike or camping trip faster than getting a nasty rash from all the poison ivy you failed to notice. Every man should learn how to recognize and avoid the most common poisonous plants, including poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. “Leaves of three, let them be,” as my grandfather used to say. 

40. How to Identify Edible Plants


Speaking of plants, it’s also good to know which ones you can eat, and which ones you can’t. Most of us never find ourselves in a survival situation, but you never know. So you’re better off learning at least a few basic plant identification skills. Besides, foraging for wild edibles is also a lot of fun. Start by getting a quality guidebook to edible plants with full-color photographs. 

41. How To Change a Tire



Don’t be that dude who gets a flat and then has to stand helplessly by the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Roll up your sleeves, get out the jack and get to work! Safety is important here, so remember to always start by turning on the hazard lights and engaging the parking brake, then place the jack beneath the exposed metal part of the vehicle frame nearest to the tire that’s flat. 

42. How To Make Pancakes



Pancakes make people happy. Ergo, if you learn how to make pancakes, you’ve learned how to create happiness. And I mean make pancakes from scratch, not from a boxed pancake mix. You only need seven ingredients: flour, milk, eggs, butter, sugar, salt, and baking powder. 

43. How To Communicate with Your Barber


Too many guys end up with the wrong haircut because they don’t know how to communicate to their barber what they want. Learn to describe your preferred hairstyle, and when in doubt, bring a picture.

44. How To Calculate Square Footage



Remember in high school math class when you thought “I’ll never use any of this in the real world?” Well, you were right about a lot of that. But there are a few crucial math skills you may very well need to know, and the ability to determine the area of a space in square feet is one of them. For a rectangular space, all you have to do is multiply length and width. 

45. How To Throw a Football

Two Men Playing Football On The Beach And Both Wearing Cuffed Chinos


You don’t have to be an all-star athlete to throw a nice tight spiral. It all starts with the right grip – ring and pinkie finger between the laces, thumb wrapped around the other side just beneath the white ring, index finger close to the tip – and ends with throwing the ball in one smooth motion that involves your entire body. 

46. How To Accept Criticism


Whether it’s at work or in your personal life, taking criticism isn’t always easy. First off, try to avoid reacting defensively. Listen to what the other person has to say and really think about it before you voice your counter opinion. Remember that there are benefits to getting feedback. Regardless of whether you perceive it as positive or negative, it’s still an opportunity for growth. 

47. How To Accept a Compliment


For a lot of guys, receiving a genuine compliment is even more uncomfortable than taking criticism. It’s tempting to deflect a compliment by saying something like, “it was nothing,” which ultimately just makes the person giving you the compliment feel foolish.

The best response to a compliment is to simply say “thank you” and express your appreciation with something like, “thanks, it makes my day to hear that!” And if you receive a compliment on something you don’t deserve sole credit for, be sure to give credit where it’s due. 

48. How To Put Out a Fire


Do you know where the fire extinguisher is in your house? Do you know how to use it? For most household fires, a fire extinguisher is the best way to safely smother the flames. In the absence of a fire extinguisher, a blanket or baking soda will work. Don’t use water, especially for electrical or grease fires. 

49. How To Shuffle Cards

Teach English or a foreign language.

If you’re playing cards and it comes to your turn to shuffle, don’t pass the deck along just because you’re not a good shuffler. Truly, an overhand shuffle is something anyone can do, but wouldn’t it be nice to do something a little more stylish? Try a ruffle shuffle. It’s simple enough that you can master it in no time, but offers just enough flair that you don’t look like a total rookie at the card table. 

50. How To Play at Least One Card Game Well


On the subject of cards, you should be really good at at least one card game, and it’s best to be passable at a few others. Pick one to really focus on (poker is probably a good choice) and really hone your skills. It’s not a bad idea to get good at gin rummy, blackjack, and a handful of others too. 

51. How To Shake Hands



A lot of people believe that they can learn a lot about a person from their handshake. Whether or not that’s actually true, it illustrates the importance of having a good handshake, because you will be judged by it. Good timing is important. Eye contact is a good idea, but don’t maintain it for so long that it’s weird. Squeeze firmly enough that your hand doesn’t feel like a limp noodle, but not so hard that it’s like a vice-grip. Don’t be one of those guys who holds on for way too long either. When the handshake is over, let it be over. 

52. How To Talk to Kids



Here’s the thing about kids: they’re fully functional humans, just like you. They have all the same fears, emotions, hopes, and aspirations. So don’t approach them with baby talk, and don’t act over-excited in an attempt to match their energy level. Don’t talk down to them. Speak with kids like the three-dimensional people they are, and you’ll be just fine. 

53. How To Make a Great Playlist



Remember mixtapes? How about burned CDs? We don’t have to make them anymore, because we can simply let Spotify’s algorithm tell us what we like, but isn’t it better to add a personal touch? Next time you’re throwing a party or planning a romantic evening, make a killer playlist to go along with it.

Choose songs based on three criteria: 1). You like it. 2). Other people will like it. 3.) It’s appropriate for the occasion. 

54. How To Apply Basic First Aid



Know CPR. Know the Heimlich maneuver. Know in which situations each one is appropriate. Being able to save somebody’s life is not a bad skill to have. 

55. How To Tie a Knot


I mean how to tie a real knot, not an assortment of random loops. This might be hard for you to hear, but if you’re making it up as you go, it’s not a knot. There are plenty of knots out there, each with its intended purpose, but let’s start with a bowline. It’s one of the most basic and versatile knots. You’ve probably heard the mnemonic that goes along with it: “the rabbit comes up through the hole, the rabbit runs around the tree, and the rabbit hops back into the hole.”

56. How To Iron Clothes



You have a presentation today, and your last clean dress shirt is jammed in a wad in the back of your drawer for some reason. What are you going to do? You’re going to iron your shirt. Like a man. 

57. How To Find and Purify Water


If you only learn one survival skill, learn how to find and treat water. Learn to read a landscape for signs that point you toward a water source, and learn how to use multiple methods of making water potable, including boiling, filtration, and purification tablets.

58. How To Ask for Help



Refusing to acknowledge you need assistance doesn’t make you more manly, it makes you an idiot. Don’t wander around lost instead of asking for directions. Don’t blindly bumble through an assignment you have no idea how to do. Don’t throw your back out lifting something that obviously needs two people to carry. Just don’t. 

59. How To Do a Proper Push Up


Balance on toes and palms with your hands about shoulder width. Your legs and torso remain in one straight line. Lower your body by bending your elbows alongside your torso until your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause. Push yourself back up. Repeat. 

60. How To Set Up a Ladder



Let’s talk about ladder safety. Being able to correctly set up a ladder is really important, and lots of accidents are caused by doing it incorrectly. The most essential thing is the angle of the ladder against the wall, which should be about 75 degrees. Here’s how you know it’s set up right: stand facing the ladder with your toes touching its feet, then reach your arms out straight. Your hands should be able to comfortably rest on a rung.

61. How To Escape a Sinking Car



Here’s the scenario: your car has gone over the guardrail and ended up in the lake/river/bay/ocean and starts to sink. The first thing you should do is roll down your window. If the car is still on the surface, this will allow you to slither out. If you’re already submerged, rolling down the window will allow your car to fill with water (take a deep breath) which is actually a good thing because it will equalize the pressure and allow you to open the door. 

62. How To Dance


You might not be Fred Astaire, but any guy can learn at least one partner dance well enough that nobody has to be embarrassed. You know that thing where you bob your head and sway your shoulders back and forth? Sorry, but that’s not dancing. 

63. How To Lift Something Heavy

Be a local delivery driver.

Let’s say you need to pick up a big box of books that are sitting on the floor. First off, make sure your feet are firmly planted, about shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and squat down next to the box, keeping your back and neck as straight as possible. Get a good grip on it, and lift by pushing up with your legs.

64. How To Tell a Joke


You don’t have to be a constant gag-factory (honestly, nobody likes that guy who always thinks he’s a stand-up comedian) but have at least a handful of good jokes in the bank so you can pull one out when needed. 

65. How To Pick a Lock



For some, lock picking is a full-fledged hobby. For others, it’s just a good skill to have. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you can always get into your home or office if you forget your keys? And in case you’re worried about pursuing an illegal activity, know that picking a lock is only against the law if the lock belongs to somebody else. 

66. How To Back Up With a Trailer



Whether you’re launching a boat, backing a camper into a campsite, or trying to angle a U-Haul into your driveway, you’re likely to eventually find yourself in a situation in which you need to back your car up with a trailer attached. If you’ve never done it before, start by practicing in an empty parking lot. The key is turning the wheel in the opposite direction that you want the trailer to go. 

67. How To Make a Shelter


Being able to build a shelter in the woods using available materials could save your life if you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness. Also, you can use the same skills to build a super cool fort with your kids. 

68. How To Crush One Song at Karaoke


When it’s your turn at the mic, be ready. Every guy should have at least one song that they can totally nail on karaoke night. Practice in the shower if you want. The most crucial thing is to pick something within your range that you can actually sing. Nobody needs to listen to you butchering Bohemian Rhapsody for six minutes.

69. How To Entertain Yourself


There’s no excuse for boredom. When you’re by yourself and blessed with free time, resist the urge to zone out in a YouTube black hole. Do something! Play a game, build something, cook something, write something, read something. The ability to self-entertain is probably one of the greatest skills a man can master. 

70. How To Diagnose Your Check Engine Light


Few things fill us with as much dread as an illuminated “Check Engine” light. Is it just a tripped sensor, or is your car about to implode? Eliminate the mystery by learning how to use a scan tool, plug it into the OBD II port under the dash, and translate the code it reads out. 

71. How To Change a Diaper



Regardless of whether you plan on becoming a dad, there will probably come a time when you need to change a diaper, maybe for a nephew or godson. Don’t be intimidated. It’s not that hard, and with a few tricks, you can make quick and tidy work of changing a diaper. Plus, people always seem to be impressed when a man knows how to do this. 

72. How To Get a Stain Out of a White Shirt


When you get a spot of coffee, ketchup, blood or any other hard-to-remove stain on a light-colored garment, don’t panic. And resist the urge to start rubbing, which will only make it worse. First. Saturate the stained area with vinegar and let it sit for a while. Then make a paste of vinegar and baking soda and use it to scrub the stained area with a toothbrush. Dab the shirt back in the vinegar as needed while you do this. Afterward, launder the shirt as you normally would. 

73. How To Use Chopsticks



Don’t be the one American dude at the Chinese restaurant who has to ask for a fork. Learn how to use those chopsticks like a pro. Two important tips: first, stay loose. Clenching tightly will only make it harder. Second, only the top stick moves. The bottom stick stays steady. 

74. How To Unclog a Toilet


We all have the ability to clog a toilet, so you’d best learn how to unclog one too. First and foremost, buy a good toilet plunger (not one of those cheap-o ones) and keep it in your bathroom. With the toilet bowl filled with water, use the plunger to create a tight seal and give it three or four good, solid pumps. 

75. How To Prune Trees and Shrubs


Most bushes and small trees prefer to be pruned in late winter, while dormant before any new spring growth has started (though there are exceptions). Prune away any dead, dying, or broken branches, as well as any that cross or grow inward or downward. As a general rule, you should remove no more than 20% of a tree’s canopy when pruning. 

76. How To Open a Bottle Without a Bottle Opener



There are ways to open a beer bottle using a lighter, belt buckle, ring, or countertop. Master them, and you’ll always be able to access your favorite suds when no one thought to bring a bottle opener. 

77. How To Open Wine Without a Corkscrew



Okay, you have a few options here. You can push the cork into the bottle using a butter knife or spoon handle, but the cork will then be inside the bottle, and it may crumble a bit, leaving bits of cork in your wine. You can also insert a serrated knife into the cork at about a 45-degree angle, and slowly start twisting to work the cork out. Be cautious so the cork doesn’t fall apart.

78. How To Build a Shed



Building a shed is kind of like building a house, only smaller. And the stakes are lower because, you know, you don’t have to live in it. But going through the process will teach you some next-level carpentry and construction skills, from framing the walls to setting the roof joists. These are things every guy should know.

79. How To Make Small Talk


Look, small talk isn’t for everyone, so if you hate talking about the weather, just know that you’re not alone. But if you’re at one of those awkward gatherings where you need to create a conversion out of nothing, being able to make small talk is a good skill to have. Ask open-ended questions, and keep things light and positive. Most people’s favorite subject is themselves, so you can always ask about that when all else fails.

80. How To Lift Weights the Right Way


Having good form for your squats, bench presses and deadlifts will ensure that your workout routine isn’t hurting you or causing long-term damage, which it definitely could be if you’re doing these things wrong. 

81. How To Use a Chainsaw Safely



Maintain a boxer-like stance, with your legs at a 45-degree angle the leg opposite your dominant hand slightly forward. Wear eye protection, keep both hands on the bar (that’s what the blade of a chainsaw is called), and cut slowly and steadily. Plan your cut so you know exactly where the bar will exit the wood. 

82. How To Remove a Tick



Okay, don’t freak out. I know ticks are super gross and creepy but remain calm. Use a pair of blunt tweezers to grasp the tick and slowly, carefully work it out of your skin. It may take a minute or two, so be patient and don’t force it, or you could end up leaving the embedded mouthparts behind. Ugh. So gross. Also, get one of those tick remover tools and keep it on your keychain.

83. How To Swim


Swimming is an amazing full-body workout. It’s also a great way to not die after you fall out of a boat, so if you didn’t get swimming lessons as a kid, you might want to learn it now! Mastering breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle swimming will help you feel much safer and more confident near the water.

84. How To Speak Another Language


It can take years to become truly fluent in another language. That’s a great thing to aspire to, but at the bare minimum, you should be able to speak (and understand) a few key phrases in another language. The more the better, especially if you plan on traveling internationally. The better able to speak another language you become, the deeper and more genuine your experience in another country will be. 

85. How To Ask Someone Out on a Date


Every man should be able to ask someone out on a date, and also – this is the most important part – do so without coming across as a creepy weirdo. Start off with some light conversation, ask questions that show your genuine interest without being too prying, and extend a simple, friendly invitation. That’s all there is to it. 

86. How To Play One Song on Guitar


If you’re sitting around a campfire and a guitar is being passed around, you’ll be glad you took the time to play that one song well. If you can master three or four chords, there’s no limit to the songs you can play. 

87. How To Properly Pour a Beer


A good pour releases flavors and aromas that a sloppy pour does not. You also don’t have to pause halfway through pouring a beer while you wait for the foam to subside. Here’s the strategy: hold the glass at a 45-degree angle, and pour along the inside surface of the glass, gradually turning it straight up once it’s about halfway full. 

88. How To Shovel Without Hurting Yourself



Whether you’re digging a ditch or clearing snow from your driveway, using a shovel is hard work. Keep your legs bent and your back straight. Toss the dirt or snow behind you rather than throwing it forward; that will reduce the strain on your back.

89. How To Be a Good Reader



If you’re reading this, then you obviously know how to read. That being said, there’s more to being a good reader than just reading. Comprehending and engaging with the text in an active way is on another level. One of the best things you can do for your brain is to set aside time for reading and choose reading material that genuinely interests you. 

90. How To Stop a Fight



How much you should insert yourself into a conflict that doesn’t involve you is open to debate. Putting yourself in harm’s way to physically break up an altercation isn’t always a good idea, but every man should have the ability to verbally diffuse a situation before it escalates. Look for the underlying causes of the conflict, determine the facts, and speak calmly with relaxed body language.

91. How To Escape a Rip Current


Few things are more terrifying than realizing a rip current is carrying you out to sea. First and foremost, stay calm. Even strong, experienced swimmers can exhaust themselves and drown when they try to fight a harsh current. The best thing to do is swim parallel to shore until you’re out of the current and then turn toward land. 

92. How To Do One Great Card Trick


Master one awesome card trick, and you’ll have something interesting that you can pull out of your sleeve – figuratively speaking, but maybe also literally speaking – in any situation. It’ll be a hit at parties, and you will be able to keep kids entertained whenever you need to, at least for a couple of minutes.

93. How To Fillet a Fish



If you’re good enough at catching fish that you need this skill, then I must say, kudos to you good sir! The next step is transforming your catch into a tasty meal. To do that, you need a good knife that’s designed for the task, because accidents are more likely with a dull knife. Lay the fish flat on its side, and cut horizontally along the spine to separate the meat from the bones. For most types of fish, you’ll only need to adjust your cutting angle when you go around the ribs.

94. How To Keep a Houseplant Alive



Your mission is as follows: get a plant and don’t let it die. Not a cactus. That’s cheating. Seriously though, any man worth his salt should be able to maintain at least one healthy houseplant. Snake plants and pothos are great low-maintenance plants for beginners, but whatever you get, be sure to research its specific needs. 

95. How To Break Down a Door



You might need to do this someday to escape a burning building or get to someone in danger, so listen up. Breaking down a door by running into it with your shoulder might look cool in movies, but you’ll probably do more damage to yourself than the door. Instead, give the door a series of firm kicks near the place where the lock is mounted.

96. How To Make Your Bed



A lot of dudes spend years with a perpetually unmade bed. But you know what? You’re an adult now, and it’s time to shape up! Make that bed tight as a drum. Make it like there’s a drill sergeant standing behind you. 

97. How To Trim Your Beard


Most guys go through a phase where they want to have a beard. Some stick with it, others don’t, but unless you’re auditioning to be in ZZ-Top, you’ve got to learn to tame that thing. There’s an art to trimming your beard and shaping it in a way that best fits your face. Start with the longest hair length, and trim gradually. Also, it’s important to have a plan. Start with an idea of what you want the finished product to look like. 

98. How To Read Body Language


It’s amazing how much of human communication is non-verbal. A person’s body language is at least as important as the words coming out of their mouth, so learn how to pick up on non-verbal cues. They’ll let you know when your partner isn’t fine even when they say “I’m fine,” and they’ll alert you when that guy at the bar is about to punch you in the face. 

99. How To Pack a Suitcase


The more you travel, the more you start to realize the importance of smart packing. Don’t just jam your clothes into a suitcase; put some planning into how you use the space. For example, roll your pants and shirts instead of folding them. Use the space inside your shoes. Pack your suit inside-out to reduce wrinkles. If you’re going on a plane, know how big your carry-on can be, and know what you can and can’t pack inside it. 

100. How To Turn Leftovers Into Dinner

Send Out Your Invitations For Dinner Party

When you get right down to it, anybody can cook a meal. But making dinner out of yesterday’s leftovers? Now that takes skill. If you have leftover pasta, make a casserole. If you have leftover steak, make a stew. If you have leftover rice, make fried rice. If you have leftover veggies, put ‘em in an omelet. You can also make a taco out of just about anything; just sayin’.

101. How To Drive Stick



The first car to have an automatic transmission was the 1948 Oldsmobile. Before that, driving meant driving a stick shift. These days, being able to drive a car with a manual transmission is gradually becoming a lost art, but there are many who swear by it, not only for fuel economy, low maintenance, and increased control, but because it’s more fun. Ultimately, driving stick makes you a better driver. 

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