20 Ideas to Use Jingle Bells for Christmas Decoration

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Christmas is a great time for having a festive and joy vibe. You can welcome this holiday season by decorating of your home. You can go to the Christmas store for preparing your Christmas decorations. In this case, you can buy some Christmas ornaments. Some of them include jingle bells. These ornaments are versatile and fits for different purposes. Using jingle bells for your Christmas decoration is easy and can bring a smile to any person who sees them. You can use these decorations in a variety of ways. For example, jingle bells are a great addition for your wreaths. The jingle of the bells will add a great sound to your holiday decor. You can also apply the jingle bells to the garland. For another idea, you can adorn your fireplace mantel with jingle bell garlands. Even, a Christmas centerpiece and table can be made dengan incoporating a jingle bell. Then, for a simple idea, a painted jingle bell will liven up your Christmas decoration. Just add a ribbon, fabric, or evergreen and ready to use. Moreover, you can also make ornaments with them. To get more ideas, just look at the following.

20 ideas to use jingle bells for christmas decoration 1

Rustic Jingle Bell Centerpieces


This Christmas decoration is synonymous with jingle bell accents which will give an attractive appearance and steal the show. Picking a rustic jingle bell and placing it in this bowl filled with dough will steal the show. Complete with trees and placed on the dining table, it can be the center of attention and give a different home decor. This simple design will celebrate Christmas this year. Rustic Jingle Bells Centerpieces from @nightingale_arts

Swag Jingle Bells


Don’t forget this Christmas decoration by adding a jingle bell to one of your home decorations. With this idea you can create a different look and a unique design. Here you can make a swag from a jingle bell which can be an attractive home decoration and catch the attention of every guest who comes. This wreath of grapevine and red berries makes a beautiful and charming decoration. Hang this swag on your door to greet guests with a festive feeling. Swag Jingle Bells from @__homeworks

Shelf Decoration


The jingle bell accent that is placed on this shelf is able to steal the eye and will make an interesting decoration for you to try. These large rustic jingle bells steal the eye. Apart from jingle bells, you can add snowflakes, brush bottle trees, and wooden signs to produce beautiful and charming shelf decorations. White ceramic mugs that are placed on the shelves will also make a unique and stylish home design. Jingle Bells Shelf Decor from @mel_chdyb

Painted Jingle Bells


A jingle bell ornament placed on a table in one of these homes can provide an interesting decoration for you to try. Choosing large jingle bells in different colors is very eye-catching and makes for a unique decoration. Top off these jingle bells with green pine needles and red berries to complete the perfect jingle bell look. This simple design is able to make an interesting decoration and produce a different design. Painted Jingle Bells from @purposeandpassionboutique

Apply to The Wreath


You can add this interesting Christmas decoration with this interesting accent wreath. Make your own wreath out of white grapevine and add big red jingle bell accents and pinecones to make a fun and eye-catching home decor. The ribbon tied to this wreath will also enhance the look and will make a difference in any home decor. Just hang this wreath on the wall of the house to make it look attractive when Christmas arrives. Jingle Bell Wreath Accent from @greta_grogu_beluga

Dollar Tree Jingle Bell


You can add this rustic Christmas design to your home decor. Purchasing these jingle bell dollar store ornaments can complement the décor and provide a different design each year. Like the picture above, you can place this jingle bell decoration on the table of one of these houses to make a beautiful and stylish home design. Dollar Tree Jingle Bell from @rethinkfabulous

Farmhouse Ornament


To add a festive vibe to your farmhouse decoration, you can make a farmhouse ornament made from some jingle bells. You can combine them with evergreen. Adding a jingle bell accent, painted white and complemented by spruce and pine cones, this would be the perfect centerpiece. In each of these jingle bells you can add the names of the people you care about to make them attractive decorations. Just place it on the dining table or table in any of your homes to make a perfect Christmas. Farmhouse Ornament from @quinley.designs

Jingle Bells and Shock


This famrhouse entrance hook comes with a jingle bell ornament and a sock for a different design each year. Applying red berries inside these socks will also complete the look and make the perfect centerpiece. Simply make these three ornaments and hang them from each hook for the perfect home decoration and festive Christmas cheer. Jingle Bell and Shock from @decor_and_adore

Jingle Bells Hanging Door


Decorating the Christmas door by adding jingle bells and red ribbons can be a beautiful and stylish home decoration. Making your own doesn’t cost much and will increase your creativity. Opting for this red and white jingle bell and red checkered ribbon will balance the look and make the perfect home decor. Hanging at the door of this house will welcome your guests with a festive and lively Christmas feel to all the doors of this house. Jingle Bells Hanging Door from @homemish_crafts_and_designs

Jingle Bell Table Setting


This Christmas dining table design is complemented by a large green jingle bell accent. Putting this big green jingle in the center of the dinner table and combining it with some other Christmas ornaments can make for a beautiful home decoration. Greery accents, red and green ball ornaments, and red berries make for an attractive dining table decoration and the perfect centerpiece. Using this rustic dining table set will balance out this year’s Christmas look. Green Jingle Bell from @homestead.city.dwelling

Jingle Bell Garland


Using a garland of small bells hanging on a shelf can be an interesting home decoration for you to try. Here you can make your own wreath from these little jingle bells for a pretty design and save money. Besides garland jinle bells, you can add grennery and red berries on this open shelf to celebrate Christmas this year. Miniature trees, gnome figurines, and star twig accents complete this Christmas-themed open-shelf look. Jingle Bell Garland from @modernmeetsfarmhouse

Jingle Bells OrnamentSnapinsta.app_1080_318464431_690008846023296_8773537597870912471_n

Purchase jingle bells inexpensively at any dollar store to make your Christmas home even more festive. Choosing a red and white jingle bell ornament design and adding red and white mackerel and a tied ribbon can be an interesting decoration for you to try. You can hang this decoration on the wall or front door of the house which will be an interesting decoration for you to try. Jingle Bells Ornament from @wishingbloomcrafts

Giant  Jingle bells CenterpiecesSnapinsta.app_1080_318685212_1794602374236123_4177640133663447281_n

These giant rustic jingle bells are eye-catching if you put them on your home dining table. Choosing different sizes of jingle bells and placing them in a wooden box can produce beautiful and stylish home decorations. Apart from jingle bells, you can also complete it with evergeen and red berries placed in this wooden box for a festive Christmas table decoration. This little checkered table runner will balance the look and give this table design a rustic touch. Giant  Jingle bells Centerpieces from @ourprimitivefarmhouse

Bunk Bed with Jingle Bells132050583_774275303177098_9132637608317484742_n

To decorate a Christmas themed bedroom, you can add a jingle bell accent to the bunk bed. This idea is a simple home decoration and can be the center of attention of everyone who comes. Hanging from bunk beds and complete with garlands of trees and string lights, it catches everyone’s attention. This little Christmas tree and stuffed gnomes would also complete this bedroom look. Bunk Bed with Jingle Bells from @rooomy.co.uk

Understair Decor318439736_858675515445451_4932044215066385082_n

This Christmas themed home entrance design will never fail for you to try. Here you can add a jingle bell accent that is hung on your staircase area. It is a great idea to add a festive vibe. The jingle of bells will liven up your stair area. You can hang the jingle bells by using hemp rope for a rustic touch to this decoration. Complete the look with sleighs, stakes, wreaths, and soft fur rugs to welcome guests with a festive, festive feeling. Understair Decor from @homeonthesouthcoast

Add Fireplace Decor


The fireplace does not escape the eyes of guests when they visit the house. With it, you can decorate the pie as shown above. Complementing it with a jingle bell accent that is hung on the corner of the suit and added with a bouquet of flowers and green stockings can be an attractive and eye-catching home decoration. Having a white color scheme and green accents gives a calm and natural impression to this Christmas decoration. Jingle Bells Fireplace Decor from @kimbersansonedesign

Jingle Bell and Garland


These tinkling bells and tree wreaths are a must-have for this year’s throwaway party decorations. Hence, you can top it with pinecones to give it the perfect Christmas celebration pie look. These crochet stockings draped over the pie will also complete the décor and will make a different design each year. You can also add string lights to make your Christmas decorations even merrier. Jingle Bell and Garland from @windsweptliving

Jingle Bell OrnamentSnapinsta.app_1080_43914225_1171744229646414_6385913722964838935_n

The Jingle bell ornament that is placed on this tray is able to steal the attention of every guest who comes to your house. This is a beautiful decorating idea and will give you a different design every year. Complete this jingle bell with mackerel cloth wrapped around the bell and added green leaves for an eye-catching home decoration. Place it on your home coffee table for a festive Christmas decoration idea. Jingle Bell Ornament from @damariskovachart

White Paint Jingle BellsSnapinsta.app_1080_122661438_1155552108179953_2642994924901340674_n

Repainting a jingle bell in white and equipped with name writing can be a beautiful and attractive decoration. The addition of pine needles and gold ribbons and small pinecones at the end of this jingle bell creates an interesting jingle bell ornament. Place it on the table or hang it on the Christmas tree for an eye-catching and eye-catching home decoration. White Paint Jingle Bells from @onecraftymamadesigns

Hanging Jingle Bell FireplaceSnapinsta.app_1080_315659661_515023383874793_225307525780138727_n

You can hang the last decoration by using this jingle bell ornament in your home decoration design. Choosing three vintage-style jingle bells and hanging the stockings can bring a different home decor. Besides that, you can add snowy garland and white house accents that are placed on top of this coat to produce beautiful decorations that attract attention. Hanging Jingle Bell Fireplace from @yardley_homesweethome

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