2022 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

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The holiday season is looming large. No need to panic! Anglers love angling gifts, and just about every fisherman needs something. New bead colors for the trout angler, an assortment of streamers for the swing junkie, new jig styles and colors for the bottomfish lover…It’s not hard to come up with items for anglers, all you have to do is let them tell you stories and ask questions about what they are using. Don’t ask too many questions so they get tight-lipped and start wondering if you are going to home in on their honey hole, but just enough so you have the right intel to make a smart gift purchase.

Now if you aren’t in a position to do that, or just don’t know what questions to ask without being overtly obvious that you are trying to buy that person a gift for anglers, then we offer Part 2 of our Holiday Gift Guide.

gifts for anglers

Rapala R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo
Featuring twice the speed and three times the torque of other cordless fillet knives, Rapala’s R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo will provide 80 minutes of continuous runtime. Lithium-ion batteries give the Rapala R12 Heavy-Duty Fillet Knife a consistent speed and torque from fillet to fillet, without reduced power or slowdown as battery power wanes. A power gauge keeps you apprised of remaining battery power. It comes with two sizes of stainless-steel, PTFE-coated, non-stick blades (6-inch and 7.5-inch), a 2-amp rapid-charging base and two, 2 Ah Lithium-ion battery packs. A battery will charge completely in one hour. The R12 Heavy-Duty’s radical ergonomic design features a positive-force power button. It’s outfitted with a built-in LED light for filleting in low-light conditions, comes with an EVA storage case and carries a two-year warranty.

gifts for anglers

Eagle Claw Mt. Elbert Combo
The Mt. Elbert fly series offers great quality flyfishing gear at competitive pricing. The combos in the series have the added benefit of including everything an angler might need to start flyfishing immediately, including reels rigged with fly line, backing, leader, assorted flies, tools, and storage for each component. The series includes 4-weight, 5-weight, and 8-weight models. Rods feature an IM7 graphite blank, chrome snake guides, an aluminum reel seat, high-grade cork handle and a rod tube. Reels feature a die-cast frame and spool, large-arbor spool, and Rulon disk drag.

gifts for anglers
gifts for anglers

Ahi USA Assault Diamond Series Jigs
Ahi USA’s Assault Diamond Series Jigs will catch halibut, lingcod, rockfish and salmon. We know cause we’ve done it. Jigs come in three different models: rigged with a treble hook, rigged with a single hook, or rigged with a single hook assist style (hook is attached to the top of the jig rather than the bottom). Jigs are available in many sizing options, ranging from 1- to 14 ounces depending on the style, and in 5 different color patterns. Jigs are designed with 3-D holographic reflective finishes which mimic fish scales. It’s no wonder that these realistic patterns, which combine a glow eye, catch so many saltwater fish.

Donnmar Deluxe Hook Sharpener
Donnmar, the maker of some of the finest pliers on the market, offers a variety of accessories that make great stocking stuffers. This palm-sized sharpener is designed to hone straight-shank hooks to a needle-sharp point for fast penetration. It features a built-in magnifying glass to check your hook and disassembles for cleaning and file rotation. There are a variety of different models that feature both a metal file and a rust-proof ceramic file.

gifts for anglers

Rainshadow Rod Blanks RX4 Bulletproof Downrigger Blanks
Salmon anglers that spend a lot of time in the salt are always searching for the perfect downrigger rod. Season after season, more anglers discover the Rainshadow Rod Blanks RX4 Bulletproof series, and their search for perfection comes to an end. These downrigger- and mooching blanks are some of the finest on the market when it comes to loading action, lifting power, and durability to stand up to large, powerful fish

gits for anglers

Diamond D Outdoors Denali Chest Holster
The Denali Chest Holster is a ballistic-nylon chest holster that is rugged, comfortable and provides a universal fit for your handgun. It’s been designed and tested in Alaska and built to withstand the most challenging weather conditions while providing unmatched comfort and versatility. The Denali Chest Holster is designed to be worn tight on your chest for one-handed, quick-and-easy drawing. It’s handmade in the USA and offers a streamlined, minimalist design, providing the most universal fitting and comfortable chest holster on the market.

Miss Mayfly MOXIE Wading Boot


The Miss Mayfly MOXIE Wading Boot, in both cleatable rubber and felt soles, is lightweight with plush neoprene ankle padding, quick-lock laces, and strong heel stability. Its durable synthetic-leather upper and molded toe guards—combined with foam arch-support insoles—means you can confidently hustle through rocks and obstacles without sacrificing comfortability or an exceptional fit. Designed with versatility in mind, the rubber-sole boot may also be used for hiking.

Fin-Nor Hells Bay Sunglasses
Engineered with superior Lateral Line lens technology, these sunglasses cut through glare while fishing to make it easier to spot fish and vegetation beneath the surface. An oleophobic/hydrophobic top and bottom coat prevents scratches and smudges so you aren’t always cleaning your glasses. The sunglasses are designed for all-day comfort with the inclusion of spring hinges, adjustable nose pads, and rubber temple tips, which allow for the perfect fit on a variety of face shapes. This allows you to focus less on what’s protecting your eyes and more on catching fish.

gifts for anglers

UltraDeck produces a superior line of durable, functional and comfortable marine flooring. It is highly UV resistant, provides unmatched traction as well as anti-fatigue when on deck, does not absorb liquids or odors, is shock absorbent, stain resistant, sound deadening and nonslip. With 22 years of marine textiles experience, UltraDeck has learned what makes good foam flooring in marine environments and combines high-grade orthopedic PE-blend closed-cell foam with premium 3M adhesive. UltraDeck is available for new builds as well as for upgrading your current boat, and with all products being stocked and cut in-house, UltraDeck clients get a precise product with a short turnaround time. They offer a wide range of colors and instructions on installation and the product is backed with a 5-year non-prorated warranty.

gifts for anglers

FORLOH AllClima 3L Rain Jacket
Waterproof and windproof with unmatched breathability, FORLOH’s award-winning lightweight, breathable, waterproof, and wind-resistant jacket is ideal for protection from the elements in all but the hottest conditions. Packable for multiday hunting and fishing trips, its durability and performance excelled when tested in the Alaskan backcountry. Featuring RECCO search-and-rescue technology, this jacket is packed with useful features. Wear over insulation layers for the ultimate in warm, comfortable and breathable protection.

gifts for anglers

Pro-Cure Bait Sauces
Add some color to your stockings this holiday season with Pro-Cure Bait Sauce. This super-sticky and effective formula is made of 100% real baitfish, and loaded with bite stimulants fish can’t resist. Bait Sauce comes in an easy-to-use, 4-ounce container and is a great option to add to both bait as well as artificial lures. Get geared up this holiday season with Pro-Cure.

gifts for anglers

Garmin Tread SxS Edition
The Garmin Tread SxS Edition is an 8-inch powersport navigator with group-ride radio. With the Tread you can hit the trails with your friends with all the mapping you need to stay on track and the communication technology to stay in touch. And you can keep your crew together with group tracking for up to 20 riders, plus it includes a push-to-talk fist microphone. These units pair with each person’s Bluetooth helmet or headset (not included). The unit includes a high-visibility display screen, built-in inReach technology, the ability to navigate unpaved roads and trails by using turn-by-turn trail navigation1 with OpenStreetMap (OSM) and USFS motor vehicle use maps. Team CC in Wasilla (907-357-3200) and in Eagle River (907-694-3200) carries the Garmin product line. Visit their website at teamcc.com.

Simms Guide Insulated Jacket and Bib
Stay warm and dry with the ultimate foul-weather fortress. Built with breathable, durable, waterproof GORE-TEX fabric and powered by PrimaLoft insulation, the Guide Insulated Jacket and Bib keeps anglers in the moment regardless of the conditions. Featuring an adjustable storm hood, submersible chest pockets, and adjustable cuffs, the jacket pairs perfectly with the bib. Constructed from the same GORE-TEX fabric and PrimaLoft insulation, the Guide Insulated Bib comes equipped with a vast array of pocketing to keep essentials close at hand.

gifts for anglers

2023 Kawasaki Elektrode
From the brand behind the KX motocross powerhouse comes the all-new Elektrode electric balance bike. Little rippers can now start their journey on two wheels as early as three years old. Meaning the path to the podium now starts earlier than ever. It’s an official welcome to world-class, high-performance, iconic Kawasaki vehicles when young riders get started on the Elektrode. Imagine how excited your little one will be to receive this amazing gift this holiday. Designed and built by Kawasaki, features include a powerful 250W in-wheel brushless electric motor, three selectable speed modes (low, mid and high) with passcode parental lock, and premium disc brakes. It’s time to “Go Green” on a Kawasaki with special deals available at Team CC in Eagle River (907-694-3200). Visit their website at teamcc.com.

gifts for anglers

Bajio Piedra Sunglasses
Named after a memorable flat encountered on an Odyssey expedition through the Yucatan near Campeche, Piedra elicits images of red and black mangroves, casting to big rolling tarpon on the incoming and sneaking up on snook with the outgoing. Designed with a medium 8-base wrap and lightweight yet durable bio-based nylon frame, Piedra can perform all day long without weighing you down. Piedra’s wide temples block sidelights and provide sun protection so you can focus on the fish in front of you. Non-slip rubber nose pads and temple tips keep shades in place, even in the heat of the moment. The copper lens color paired with the Piedra style is a great choice for Alaska.

gifts for anglers

Beyond Ocean Wild Alaska Salmon Jewelry
A gift that is sure to enchant the ladies is handcrafted jewelry from Homer-based Alaskan artist and Bristol Bay commercial-fishing captain Morgan Edminister. Beyond Ocean’s Wild Alaska salmon skin is tanned, dyed and coated with epoxy for a waterproof and durable seal. Each piece yields its own unique hue and texture as individual as each salmon. Morgan has had a lifelong relationship with salmon as a second generation commercial fisher that has developed into a deep appreciation for the beauty and way of life coastal living has afforded her family. Morgan places an appropriate value on these fish, in our opinion, respectfully harvesting for quality over quantity. Morgan shares our vision for fishery protection and sustainability. She states, “It is my mission to inspire people to see the magic of salmon, our fisheries, and our culture. Salmon are the primary connector between many of the relationships that I have built over my lifetime and I know this is also true for so many other people in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Beyond Ocean’s products allow for people to strike up and share their own stories of salmon. My hope is that these pieces help people talk even more about our oceans, unique culture, and wild salmon that connect us all.” Not only is Morgan’s jewelry deeply connected to our land and way of life, but it is a beautiful expression of art and highly durable for us hard-working and harder-playing Alaskans. From rings to necklaces and earrings, a variety of interesting pieces and shapes matched with vibrant colors applied to the salmon skin make for a gift that will leave your recipient Alaska inspired. To view Morgan’s work,  follow her on Instagram @beyondoceanak and order your holiday gifts at beyondoceanak.com.

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