80 People Share What Their Friends-Turned-Celebrities Were Like Before Fame

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Celebrities have and probably always will be a topic people talk about in their daily lives: What are they up to? Will I ever meet them? It seems that these idols are a great distraction and a way to escape everyday problems. Most of us have favorite celebrities and have wondered at one point or another what they are like and if they're really as great as we imagine them to be. Some of us are lucky enough to meet them in real life.

However, not all of us have had the rare chance to know them before they were famous. That's why the question this Reddit user asked has sparked a lot of interest online. People shared all kinds of stories of how they used to know someone way before they were famous. They gave some insights into how fame changed them or didn't affect them at all and if they're nice people or total jerks.

So if you're interested in learning some fun facts, personality traits, and interesting stories about celebrities, keep scrolling — but beware, you might read something you don't want to know about your favorite star.

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I went to school with Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from Harry Potter). I was into acting too, so we had done a few school plays together. He was really nice, very chill, a good laugh.
I haven't seen him since school days, but he kept coming to classes whenever he wasn't filming, was always happy to chat about the movies.
Sometimes he'd need a little break from so many people wanting to talk, and would come and hang out in the library, and honestly, you'd never know he was in the biggest film series at the time.

Honestly, I think a lot of these answers boil down to if they want fame or not. Rupert loved what he was doing, but didn't care about being famous and having people kiss his a**e. Just a nice normal kid.

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We managed to get an interview with the Redditor that asked the question. First of all, they answered how they came up with it: "I couldn't fall asleep one night and this was one of the questions that popped up in my head!" Then we asked if they expected some of the answers they got: "I wouldn't say I didn't expect it, but a lot of people are jerks and easily let fame go to their heads."

The Redditor shared their own celebrity experience: "I once went to a Baltimore Ravens training camp and met some players and they signed a football I had. Those were just very brief interactions though. I've never known a celebrity personally, but maybe I'll have a story in the future!"

They also shared why they think people change once they become famous: "Power. It's that simple, honestly. When you have power and money, it's even worse. They make you feel like you're above everybody else and are better than everyone. Which obviously isn't the case. Some people can handle fame and be humble about it, and others not so much."


I live in the town where Dolly Parton grew up, and practically everyone above the age of 50 who grew up here claims to either be a distant relative of Dolly’s, or they claim to know her in some way. Everyone has their story of the time they met Dolly. It’s pretty obvious, but regardless of who you talk to, Dolly has always been sweet and generous, but everything has simply grown exponentially due to her fame. Examples are the millions of books she gives out for free to children around the globe each month, or how she gave out $10,000 cash to many of my close friends after their houses burned in a fire a couple years back. Thousands of people are employed here and work for one of the businesses she owns, and it’s a tad strange to see when you walk in, but the birthing center at the local hospital is funded by and named after her. I honestly can’t think of one person I know who doesn’t like her. Dolly’s heart has only gotten bigger because of fame.

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Friend of mine was friends with Tom Hanks in high school and went to prom with him. He still writes her personalized BDay cards on one of his typewriters.

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The Redditor opened up about how they felt after the question got so much attention: "I didn't expect it at all! Usually, posts don't get that much attention, so it was quite a surprise to open my phone in the morning with over 100 notifications. I tried to read and reply to all of them but there were SO MANY. I got exhausted trying to reply to everything. But it was fun to read them and see everyone's experiences."

We asked them who their favorite and least favorite celebrities are: "Starting with least favorite, I'd probably say Tom Cruise. He's a great actor but a very odd person and apparently isn't that great to work with. For my favorites, I would probably have to say, Keanu Reeves and Elizabeth Olsen. They both seem like very down-to-earth people and the stories I've heard of them corroborate that. Keanu Reeves is of course probably an internet favorite!"


My mom used to ride the bus to work in downtown Cleveland with Steve Harvey’s first wife. Apparently she supported him while he was trying to get his career started. And then basically as soon as he got successful he divorced her for a younger woman.

My mom always hated him because she felt that he treated his first wife like s**t and always yells “bastard!” at the TV when he pops up.

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A friend of mine is buddies with Paul Rudd. Says he's exactly the same and a great human.

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We also talked with Deborah S. Bowen, Ph.D., and she shared some interesting and helpful insights on this topic: "Any dramatic change to a person's status quo certainly has the potential to change the person, even at the most fundamental level. When someone goes from relative anonymity to a constant stream of fan adoration on any number of platforms, that person is bound to experience change. Perhaps they'll become introverted and try to avoid the public; perhaps they'll embrace the newfound admiration and really lean into it, offering closeness via parasocial relationships. Regardless of the catalyst, these watershed moments in a person's life must surely be marked by behavioral adjustments."


Jack Black is the same person he was as a teenager, funny, kind, caring, and spreading that joy of music.

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My grandfather taught Jack Nicholson in High School math class. Said he was rebellious but wasn't too bad at math.

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We asked her what she thinks the main difference between celebrities at home and celebrities in public is: "I'd imagine that celebrities in private are just like you and me in private (except maybe in more luxurious surroundings!). Most of us want the same things: a safe place to call home, a kitchen stocked with nutritionally necessary items, and maybe a companion.

"There's no reason to believe that celebrities are any different when the cameras aren't rolling. Without the pressure of perfection or of brand ambassadorship, or of needing to hit a quota of likes or clicks, it makes sense that a celebrity can truly let their guard down and enjoy the relief of being their unobserved authentic self."


My coworkers dad grew up with Queen Latifah in North Jersey. His whole family loves her because they were about to lose their house, so she paid it off for them. They’ve never said a bad thing about her.

(Queen Latifah, if this gets back to you, thanks for what you did for your friends in NJ. Phil’s a really cool guy.)

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My grandmother worked at Dollywood for many years and met Dolly a handful of times. When she died, Dolly sent two dozen or so roses to the funeral home. She’s a real gem

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"Arguably, we all create public personas," Deborah S. Bowen said when asked if celebrities have public personalities. "I'm certainly a different type of person in the classroom than I am in the company of friends or when it's just my immediate family. It's likely that celebrities are encouraged or 'coached' into a persona that might meet with fan approval. That might be the only difference: celebrities receive media training while the rest of us have blunders around on our own!"

We also asked her about the strangest thing she's learned about celebrities and what the most fascinating thing about them is: "I learned that many celebrities who use their powers for good are often the quietest ones of all. Humility is a beautiful commodity in a culture that encourages everyone to reach out and grab their fifteen minutes of fame."


Work in a restaurant about 15 years ago as a manager. Rachel McAdams walked in for an interview. She was still in acting school and serving table to pay for it. She worked at my restaurant over the course of the next 2 summers, serving on our patio. Still friends to this day. She hasnt changed a bit. Still bikes to get groceries.

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My Grandpa(RIP) owned a grocery store in Miami in the late 70s. Wesley Snipes and his friends once stole some candy from his store and when he caught them he let them have it. Since then Wesley and his friends were regulars. Once, Wesley left his bike in front of the store and it got stolen (was a pretty bad area). My grandpa gave him his old bike that he kept in the back of the store. My uncle took over in 2001 when my grandpa died. In 2007 he came back to the store while my uncle and cousin were there, to ask about my grandpa. My uncle said they talked for a little over an hour about how he my grandpa treated him like a son. When he found out my grandpa passed he felt guilty he didn’t visit sooner. He embraced my uncle and cousin and left. My uncle said he told him they plan on having the building repainted while they talked. About a week later a crew of painters arrived and told my uncle they were already paid to have the building repainted. Such a genuine dude.

Edit: Sorry I haven’t been able to reply to everyone, but thank you guys so much for love! Even tho he’s often portrayed negatively, glad to see that people still find try to find the best in us, even it’s a small gesture. ❤️

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"Perhaps the most fascinating thing about being a celebrity, in my opinion, is how influence can literally change lives — positively and negatively. Celebrities can wield an awful lot of power when it comes to doing good work. From raising awareness of issues to assisting in fundraising to lending a name to a cause, a superstar can have an immediate and lasting impact. And, of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the comfort that piles of money would bring!

"Being a celebrity would mean sacrifice, though. Your life is no longer your own and I'd imagine that the demands on your time become excessive to the point of overwhelming."


Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam, both really good blokes before and after they became famous

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Tyler the Creator - Exactly the same. We were all concerned at how bizarre he was. He would call people “a table” or something incredibly random and the sense of humor caught on in my high school. The fame did nothing, he’s still strange and a sweetheart.

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My dad was good friends with Johnny Depp back in the day. It was around when he was first filming 21 Jump Street (the show, not the movie lol). My dad says he was really humble and kind and always paid their bar tab. Apparently he was quite generous in giving out lots of free quality cocaine at partys too!

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Bruno Mars’s mom was a bartender at a local karaoke dive bar that I was a regular at.

At the time, his biggest hit was the hook for “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy.

Anyway, she was selling tickets for an upcoming concert he was having and she asked our table if we wanted to buy some. My friend declined and she exclaimed “WHY NOT! HE’s MY SON!!!”

I ended up getting a couple of tickets despite not knowing any of Bruno Mars’s songs. It turned out to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. The guy knows how to put on a good live show.

The tickets were only $40 each I think. His opening act was a local group of large Polynesian men singing Motown who went by the name “Nesian 9”. They were pretty good too.

The next time he was in town for a concert, he had blown up and the tickets were going for $400. I would have loved to see him again, but not at that price...

His mom was really nice, down to earth, and a pretty good singer herself. RIP Bernie. At least she lived long enough to see her son’s success.


A close family friend was best friends with Tom Cruise before he got famous. I didn’t believe her and she showed me pictures they have taken together like a Vegas road trip, camping, etc. He was really awesome but as soon as he got an ounce of fame it went to his head and he became very arrogant and a fame w***e

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I can't remember before my aunt was famous (Alex Kingston- played River Song in doctor who) but I remember going to her wedding and meeting Matt Smith who played the Doctor in doctor who and him fixing my flip-flop, the best moment of my life ever.


Went to middle school with Megan Fox for a bit. She rode my bus and she mostly kept to herself. Most of the guys would fight over who was going to sit next to her but she was very shy and didn't really have much to say.

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I went to college with Joe Keery aka Steve Harrington in Stranger Things. He was my college boyfriend’s suite mate and just the nicest guy. His hair has always been dreamy and amazing. Last time I saw him was at a viewing of the Hateful Eight after we graduated and he still made a point to come over and say hi!

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I knew Robert Pattinson about 15 years ago. Nice guy, friendly, a lot of fun to be with. He lived by himself in the centre of Soho, London, in a tiny one-bed flat that I think he felt like the romantic vision of a starving artist, or at least wanted to.

He had a weird side. He'd say random, violent, depraved things. He was obsessed with Jack Nicholson. He never really gave a f**k, he had confidence and he was always himself, and he knew he could be deliberately contradictory and he used that as a personality trope. But he was a good guy, and I get the impression he's very comfortable with himself now that he has developed his career, that he acts very well, and that he can pick and choose his roles based upon what he wants to do and who he wants to work with.

Twilight for him was always a means to an end, and I think he worked it very much to his benefit, and didn't compromise himself.

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My aunt was best friends with madona in high school stayed friends until she got famous and she turned into a completely different person in the worst way possible.


I went to high school with Emma Chamberlain. She was a huge bully in high school and pretty much a brat who thought she could get away with whatever she wanted (before she got famous). Her parents were divorced which led to them both always trying to be her friend and never actually parenting her, so they basically let her do whatever she wanted.

When she said that people from her high school made fun of her because she was “poor” and that the parking lot was all bmws and range rovers I lost my mind because SHE was the bully in high school, and while the school definitely had some wealthy students it was mostly a middle class crowd.

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My older brother went to school with Chris Pratt, and was in his German class. Chris told the teacher his older brother was in Germany and said he could grab her a piece of the Berlin Wall. Two weeks later Chris grabbed a piece of concrete from the sidewalk, spray painted it, and gave it to her. The last time I check (2018) it was still there.

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I had a teacher who taught drake. Apparently he was a nice kid but then got really douchey when he started getting famous.


Jennifer Lawrence. I moved to Louisville middle of 7th grade year. She was my first friend, and the first person I had a sleepover with. We hit it off. She was very different from me, a cheerleader, came from a lot of wealth, but her family was really awesome and we were both kinda weird and outgoing so we become good friends very fast. Her family owned a farm that had a children’s summer camp (Hi-Ho) and we went to it a couple of times, she had one of her birthday parties there! I remember her kissing our friend Jon under a trampoline. We talked about it for way too long! We hung out fairly often until she moved to NYC a year and half after we met.

We started taking acting classes together in 8th grade at a local theater here in town, Walden Theater. It’s funny because on our first day, we had no idea we were both taking the class. I walked in to the first one, and there she was. We were both so excited to have a friend! We were in the first level of the theater but after a couple weeks, both moved to the intermediate class (we were the oldest people in the class, so that’s why they moved us up so fast)

We carpooled together to Walden Theater every Tuesday and Thursday for acting class. I would ride the bus home with her, her mom would take us to class, then my mom would pick us up and take her home. She was a natural at acting, I’ll tell you that. I was still somewhat shy, but she could pretty much be given any character and even though she was 14, you’d believe it. She ALWAYS talked about how she had a photographic memory, and that’s how she was able to remember lines so easily. And she did. It was insane.

*i have read where she said she’s had no prior acting, but this isn’t true? I’m not sure if she said this for a part of her look, or maybe she considered it informal, but we definitely took acting classes our entire 8th grade year

I will say, what you see with her is what you get. She was always very quirky, kinda weird (which was funny because she was so preppy presenting, but really wasn’t like that), she was very loud, made her presence known. It’s been bizarre seeing her in interviews because she acts the exact same.

I remember she moved to NYC to pursue modeling between 8th and 9th grade. It worked because soon after she was in a commercial for Burger King and a couple of MTV’s “My Sweet 16” commercials as well. She was doing online classes for our high school (Ballard High School) and came to visit one time in 9th grade and another in 10th grade. I squealed when I saw her, I genuinely missed her. I had no idea she was about to become one of the most famous actresses of our generation.

I always hear she comes to town for holidays, but at this point I have no idea how to contact her. She had a private Facebook for a while (assuming it was really her, for a time, I had a few fake accounts for her request to be my Facebook friend, along with a lot of people we went to school with), the last time we spoke was for my 21st bday (I’m 29 now) but I would love to catch up with her. I can’t help but wonder if she remembers me.

I still have her yearbook photo she signed hanging up in my room, our yearbooks and a couple photos from a disposable camera.

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I went to high school with Mark Ruffalo. He was nice. He was “one of those thespians”. Our high school had an acting group that challenged the students to get out of their shell and do things in front of strangers like introducing yourself as the wild fairy of the woods and presenting them with a flower.

We didn’t talk much, but like I said, he was a good guy.

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I went to high school with Post Malone. We graduated the same year. He always wore a suit to class and was that nerdy dedicated kid. Glad to see how his life turned out. I hoped nothing for the best for him and now I listen to him all the time haha. I’m just a rando to him though. We never really talked

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I went to high school with Mark Hamill. He was in my 5th period Government class, and he absolutely loved to get into debates with our teacher, Mr. Henretty.
Mark was always active in many extracurricular activities, including a run for student council. He often wore a suit and tie to school which caused all the young ladies (and some young men as well!) to swoon. He was always upbeat and exuded an air of positivity. It is no surprise to.me that he has met with the level of success that he richly deserves!


My aunt had dinner with Keanu Reeves and other people before he did Matrix when he came to Spain.
She said that Keanu was very handsome and incredibly polite.

Edit: I know that Keanu was famous before Matrix but my aunt met him before he filmed Matrix. Also Thx for the upvotes.


Chris Evans was really obnoxious as a popular local teenage actor. Imagine his character from Scott Pilgrim but as a kid. He grew up and grew out of being obnoxious and I’m happy for his absurdly successful career.

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I went to elementary and middle school with Aidy Bryant from SNL (and many movies). She was incredibly sweet and quirky, but not nearly as funny as she is today. One year she wore a new Paul Frank shirt every single day. When we first met in third grade, she told me her name was Loafy, which I still call her to this day.

Her family is also awesome. Her mom once threw a party before they remodeled their house where we all got to draw all over the walls and destroy things. Her mom also owns the cutest little boutique in Phoenix (where we’re from).


Family friend of mine actually dated Kurt Cobain before Ms.Love. Apparently they broke up because he wouldn’t get a job, then a little while later he got famous. Can’t finish the question for obvious reasons.


Michael Shannon, a very recognizable actor, lived in my home while I was growing up and he was beginning his career. He lived with us for 4 years or so on our top floor.

He has always been a humble and great guy and is still friends with our family to this day. He hasn't changed a bit since we've known him!


I went to Junior High with Norah Jones. She was the most sincere and serene person. She was fun to talk to and she never gave a hint of who her father was. The night she won all those Grammys was very telling that she hadn't changed a bit.


I sat next to Tom Holland while we did our History GCSE, and went to primary school with him so knew him quite well. He was quite often off filming in Thailand for The Impossible at the time. I didn't keep contact with him past GCSE but he was a great guy and very funny, as he seems to be now which is nice to hear.

One memory I do have is a bunch of us laughing at him when he was practising ballet in the school gym getting ready to be Billy Elliott. We weren't laughing for long.

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I had a friend in high school whose cousin is Kendrick Lamar. He's said Kendrick's pretty much still the same guy, acts the same around friends and family, just with millions of dollars now.


I went to school with Emily Ratajkowski. She’s always been kind and really smart and genuinely talented. Worst I can say is in middle school she auditioned for a play and she didn’t get the part she wanted so she didn’t do the play at all. I got the part she refused, lol. I ran into her when we were in college (still before she got famous) and she seemed sincerely happy to see me and catch up, I remember she loved the coat I was wearing. IMO her interviews and ‘famous persona’ are authentic - she is a legit badass babe. I’m super proud of her.

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I went to high school with Sandra Oh. She was funny, dynamic, smart, outgoing, and very into drama. In one school play, she played what I will call sort of a mime character - she didn’t have lines but was still a big part of the action, commenting on what was going on through her actions. Anyhow, in one scene as she was exiting the stage she banged her head on one of the props - you could hear the loud bang- but she was a pro and just carried on. It has been great to see her have such success, and I love that she has kept in touch with her close friends from high school (you can spot them at awards show sometimes).


I went to the same church as Lil Nas X when we were kids. That church was extremely homophobic and taught all of us to be just as homophobic. I didn’t know him that well, but because of what we were taught, I would be shocked if he wasn’t homophobic as a kid. It was intense. They’re the type of people who think homosexuality is worse than pedophilia.

From what I’ve seen, he hasn’t changed much. His personality seems exactly the same, he’s just open about his sexuality and more distant from religion.


My best friend's dad used to be in the same group of friends with Bruce Willis. He said he played harmonica, wore Hawaiian shirts all the time, drove a Camaro, and was a total f*****g a*****e


Nobody ever believes me when I tell this story but when I was 15, I met Ariana Grande on Facebook. I was into flirting with random people back then lol We talked for a while, shared some jokes and rage comics. After about two months of occasional conversations, she made an update on her wall saying that she signed a contract with Nickelodeon and then I saw her on Victorious. I was dumbstruck when it happened.



Total nerd. 1600 on her SATs. Quiet. A bit of a social outcast. Nice, though. You could tell she cared about others and wouldn't ever hurt a flea.


My 8th grade science teacher dated Bill Nye. Broke up with him because he didn’t like kids.


I went to high school with Bo Burnham as he was just starting out in comedy and music. He walked into my chemistry class one day, joked with the chemistry teacher, then kicked over a trash can. As he was walking away down the hall he yelled “Badass alert.”

Thought he was entertaining.

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My friend's mom was one of Kelly Clarkson's teachers in high school. I asked her about it and she said "she never did her homework”


When I was really young I’d go the reptile park, originally owned by Bob Irwin and passed on to his son Steve. Steve was always nice, would do all the lizard and croc shows, would hang out and chat afterwards. My dad would take me there occasionally and Steve would seem to remember us, treated everyone like an old buddy.

This was before he became famous obviously, and the small reptile park became the Australia Zoo. In my final year of high school I got in the zoo for work experience and they let me stay on. Steve was rarely there, and when he was he’d avoid guests (because they would swarm him and he’d get nothing done) but when I did run into him he was always super nice and still acted like that old friend.

Didn’t say crikey nearly as much as you’d think. That’s definitely something aussies say but he really played that up for the cameras as his catchphrase. Unfortunately he died later that year so... right up til the end he was just a lovely person

Edit: getting a lot of similar questions and comments sooooo
1. No I’m not from Beerwah. I had to travel 45mins each day to get to the zoo, it was worth it.
2. Aussies do say crikey. I think it’s more of a Queensland thing and usually said by older generations.
3. Steve’s dad Bob is an awesome dude too who I also had the pleasure of meeting outside the zoo

Fun story: first time I ran into Steve while working there he was holding two coconut halves up to his chest like a bra and sheepishly put them behind his back when I walked into the staff area as the others around him burst out laughing. It was some joke, I forget what it was, I just walked in at a very awkward moment.

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A co-worker of mine met Daisy Ridley while on a backpacking trip, got to know each other pretty well while traveling together. She told my co-worker that she wanted to become an actress, looks like that panned out pretty well. They said Daisy was an absolutely lovely individual.


I went to high school with Dacre Montgomery. He was a d**k with a huge ego in high school and I saw him recently when he came back to his home town and seems like hes still a d**k with an even bigger ego now. I can't watch Stranger Things without rolling my eyes every time he comes on screen.


My mom dated Will Ferrell for a little while. He came round quite a lot and she said he was real down to earth and incredibly funny. However afterwards they really just lost touch. So we never got to know how he personally changed, my mom says she’s still like he used to be.

My mom and dad still laugh about her dating him.


My mom is friends with Johnny Knoxville’s cousin. She met him once and had no idea who he was. She said he was nice and funny as all hell. She didn’t realize until years later she’d even met him until I showed her one of his movies. From what I gather he’s a normal dude and pretty hilarious.


My mom knew Seal as far back as when he was still trying to be an architect, and she says he was always really nice.

They didn’t stay in touch, she moved away and they were never close, but she said he went out of his way to foster genuine connections to people before and after his music started to gain traction.

He always had star quality. Everyone from the most important person in the room to a janitor walking through would be drawn to him, and he’d engage with everyone in a way that really stuck. She always mentions that he was just a really sincere, deeply felt person.


My aunt went to highschool with obama and apparently he was called barry. Otherwise he was basically the same.


My sister has a friend that’s cousins with the Weeknd. From what my sister told me, he doesn’t attend large family gatherings as much. Apparently some relatives only want to ask him questions in regards to his fame and what not. I’m not sure if that meant they ask him for favours, but it must get annoying either way.

It must suck to be around family, and not be your regular old self. At the same time, it must be hard for his relatives to see him as the same guy before he got famous. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t try, but people are naturally weird and awkward. It’s just another s****y part about being famous, and I’m sure he’s not the only celebrity that’s gone through this.


When my dad was in the Army, he and some other army members were invited to the filming set of Saving Private Ryan. They were asked to show the actors how to hold guns and how to act like real soldiers. He told me that he met Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks during his time there. He said that both of them seemed like nice people, but said that Tom Hanks in particular was incredibly down to earth, genuine and has a great sense of humour. I know this is after he became famous, but it's nice to know fame didn't turn him into something negative.


My dad was good friends with Will Smith before the Fresh Prince days - Will actually showed him the pilot before it aired. Fast forward however many years to After Earth and Will invited us on the set. His first words when he saw my dad 10+ years later was “the philly crew is back!” Both will and Jaden are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet

My dad also did all of the work on Will Smith’s and Jazzy Jeff’s cars back in the day. Had a little too much fun in Will’s Jeep and flipped it on its roof. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

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Not personally but everyone in my town has a Dave Chappelle story. I worked with a guy who said he knew him, I called BS. We then met Dave and they were actually friends. Basically no one in town thought he would be much. Now he is a local hero really down to earth. You literally see this man just chilling in the park in normal cheap clothes. Nothing has changed him. You wouldn’t think he was famous. Maybe homeless but not famous.

Edit: I should of said wrinkled clothes like he feel asleep then just woke up and left. I didn’t see any logos and brands. People seem upset I said cheap clothes. I have no clue as to what he was wearing. Still super nice guy. You wouldn’t think he was famous.

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My grandmother and mum were really good friends with George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley from Wham! They got invited to concerts and got to sit in special seats etc. And a few years ago me and my family stayed with Andrew Ridgeley in his guest house in Cornwall for a weekend. But, they seemed to me like they stayed really nice to my grandparents and mum. And Andrew Ridgeley was very kind to my family when we met him.


I knew Bret & Jemaine (Flight of the Conchords) back in the late 90s / early 2000s, and met Taika Waititi a few times too - I was a big fan of his art at the time, there was one painting of someone in a bathtub that stuck in my head. (I knew Bret better than the others, because he was in a reggae band with my good friend Barnaby).

As far as I can tell, they are all... exactly the same.


My best friend is cousins with Tyler Posey. She said he was a sweetheart before his Teen Wolf days and he still is now


I went to middle school with Justin Bieber, even played on the school soccer team together. I always thought he was a d**k, really stuck up and self centred.

But for the longest time I legitimately thought his name was Justin Beaver, and I would call him that every time I talked to him and I always wondered why he got to angry.

So maybe he was only a d**k to me.


My brother used to play basketball with a bunch of people in high school, among those who would sometimes join in was Pete Davidson.

My brother said he got ripped on a ton and no one really liked him. But that might just be because he wasn't great at basketball.


Me and mark Zuckerberg went to the same school for a bit, he was a really nice and very bright kid, in all the top classes. We hung out a bit and became decent friends and that was about it. I don’t talk to them anymore.


This is real late and second hand but I knew someone who went to ACM with Ed Sheeran. He said he was lazy in class, skipped classes and just wanted to smoke weed, and my acquaintance was mad when Ed started getting more and more famous when Ed didn’t even bother with his music courses. I thought that was funny.


My Dad went to school with Steve Irwin, reckons he was exactly the same as a young fella. He would be away from school all the time on trips with Bob to rescue and rehome crocs all over Australia. No good at footy but.


My mum knew Mel B from her high school. Apparently she always copied other peoples work.


I knew Cillain Murphy back in secondary school, we didn't go to the same school but mingled a lot. He was a few years older than me.

Dude was super quite, but really damn friendly. I remember when he was cast in 28 Days Later and people were pretty hype for him, but a good few people didn't think much of it. Once it came out though a lot of people changed their tune when they could see him actually act amazingly.


Mom knew Jeff Bezos' sister in high school, never really knew him all that well but she says he was well known to be a grade-A d******d. Very full of himself and huge god complex even before he went to Princeton etc, so really not that much different from what I can tell


One of my aunts actually dated bill gates for a bit. I believe a few years before things took off for him. She said he was “too” into her or something like that at the time and weirded her out I guess. Sorry about the lack of detail!


I met Noah Centineo when he was in Austin and Ally so that was a little before he started becoming big. I don’t know him very well (although he did once babysit me haha). But I more so know his mom as she is one of my mom’s closest friends. My mom does still see Noah sometimes and says he hasn’t really changed. And that he comes to his mom's events sure says something! Still a sweet, gentleman!

Ps: Kellee Centineo, though, I do know well. She is amazing!


My mom went to high school with Daniel Tosh (Tosh.0). The first time she saw him on TV she went "oh look it's Danny" then after watching for a few minutes she said "yep he was a douche then and is a douche now can't believe he got famous for that s***". She said she chose not to be friends with him for good reason.


I went to school and did theatre with Kelly Marie Tran. She was so funny, charming, and nice. I was a theater tech. And my goodness was she talented at anything she tried, she led the plays and musicals and was always so funny to be around. She appears to be the same kind girl she was in high school. She always took time to be nice to anyone she worked with and of course would make anyone laugh. Plus she's, got an amazing singing voice


I went to college with Hasan Minhaj. He’s was an early open-mic-er then and I thought he was hilarious, so I would go to his shows and tell friends of mine to come too.

We became Facebook friends, I moved to SF, and he started performing at some pretty big clubs there. He would reach out and offer me free tickets because I supported him for so long.

One time, he set aside four tickets for me and my friends, I got the date wrong, we missed the show, and I was too embarrassed to ever go to a show of his again.


My wife grew up with the Odenkirk (Bob, Billy) family in Illinois. Her brothers were friends with the boys and my wife was besties with his sister. I met him at the sister's wedding and he was down to earth and witty as you'd expect. He took time to explain to me how they wrote the SNL weekly update skits when he wrote for the show. He said it was the easiest to write as the material was already there in the news, just alter for yuks. That was way back in like '87, prior to Mr. Show and BB etc. A genuine and smart dude, for a dandy fop. Wife and I are fans for life.


I once knew a musician named Neil Coal who was put under a lot of pressure by his record label. He became who you would now know as Neil Diamond.


One my friends sister dated Juice Wrld and were good friends with him. He was a nerd and liked super heroes and comics. This was before he got famous. Even my friend doesn’t refer to him as Juice Wrld but as Jarad (his first name)

Edit: I added the last line in, because it was a small detail that made me believe my friend. Ik people don’t refer to someone they know by their stage name


My friend went to highschool with James Charles.

Apparently he was a total dickbag.


I had an english teacher who went to school w/ Kanye West. She claimed he was a lame which honestly doesn’t seem to be a secret as many rappers are seen as out cast before the come up, but the way in which she said it was as if she was still popular and he was still lame lol

Decent english teacher I suppose, but possessed non of other qualities a good teacher should have. She actually laughed as someone roasted my hair line.


Chris Pratt grew up and went to school about 10-15 minutes away from me. I’ve heard countless stories of him pulling his d**k out on the bus and known people who made out with him back in the day. He was a real goober from the few people I’ve heard talk about him. Though like many in my area he definitely leans toward the ultra conservative side and puts on quite a bit of a Hollywood act.


I played drums with Mike Portnoy in highschool band and am still friends with his sister and he is still a cool guy.


Leon bridges - ego is now a lot bigger. Still the same nice guy though.

Issa Rae - still the same. Really down to earth, just more skeptical of people & their motives.

I dated a UFC world champion of his class & hes soooo full of himself now & treats ppl as if they’re disposable. Can’t say his name as may give away who I am