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It’s all about spending the year being creative. I think you will love it! I love books for creatives for inspiration, ideas, and how-tos. I thought you might like to hear what this new craft book is about. “A Year Of Creativity” a playbook for setting up crafting dates, and has crafts ideas to make. 

I love getting together with the girls and crafting. Do you? Honestly, I’d love to do it more often. There is so much fun to be had while crafting, enjoying friends and refreshments. If this craft book isn’t what you are looking for use the search bar to look for more craft books or visit our craft ideas. You will be sure to find something you love to read and make! 
Craft Book A Year Of Creativity

“A Year of Creativity” is going to be released on July 23, 2019. This book is perfect for crafters who have basic crocheting, knitting, sewing, and craft skills. If you are new to crafting I’ll have a list of books at the end of the post you might enjoy and help you learn how to craft.
I did receive a pre-release copy for free to review. 

In this book, “A Year Of Creativity” you’ll get everything you need to set up Craft Dates throughout the year and crafts for every season. 
How to plan a craft party or “craft date”
What I love about a “craft date” is that they are so much fun. We love get-togethers, and when you add creative friends to the mix, plus craft and DIY projects it’s a win/win. In this book at each planned date, crafters share a self-made project to be re-created by other attendees. Inspiring each other to make beautiful things. 

Materials for each participant are given as a uniquely personal gift along with the instructions for the project. 

A craft date is different than a workshop since you get to choose the lovely people that you invite, and as the organizer, you get to participate in all the projects. Invitees can put their own spin on the project by using their favorite colors, materials, or techniques. This way you end up with a range of different interpretations and results, leading to new inspiration and ideas.

The book doesn’t teach you the skills.  What it does do is inspire crafting enthusiasts to make something together, learn from each other, and have fun doing it. 
The craft book covers An introduction to craft dates and how they work Tips on planning your craft date events Plenty of project ideas (short, long, and cooperative) Plus recipes for party dishes that keep the creative juices flowing Our thoughts on this craft book The book has lots of pretty photos to inspire you and ideas for how to plan your crafting party or “craft date”. Many of the ideas are for crocheters. (how-tos for a crocheted scarf, crochet banner, crochet baskets…) But, there are plenty of other ideas packed into the book such as patterned sewing weights, how to make a mood board (inspiration board), how to make a coat rack, hurricane lights (these are super cute and easy), slow stitch wall hanger (which is made by hand-sewing fabric scraps with embroidery in an embroidery hoop), how to make a linen apron, craft cards, how to make a needlebook… There are also lots of ideas for setting up your craft date/craft party as mentioned above. How to set up a craft station, supplies for packaging, how to make a craft date inspiration or project book…  The book includes crochet patterns and steps to make the projects. It also includes small layouts of the sewing patterns and instructions.  5 yummy recipes for serving at your craft party.  The more I flipped through it I enjoyed looking for various projects to make.  The book isn’t for beginning crafters. I feel like if you are a crocheter you are going to get the most from this book. But, even if you don’t crochet there are plenty of projects, the recipes and how to set up the craft party that makes this a good read. It is a book that if you love crafting you are going to enjoy flipping through, reading and get inspired to plan a craft date, party or make one of the projects. 
The book will be available on Amazon and where other craft books are sold. 

Have you ever hosted a crafting party? Or craft date? 
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