Avengers, Assemble! Here’s Where to Find Your Marvel Halloween Costume for October 31st

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Halloween is still a few months away, which means you’ve got plenty of time to plan your costume, pick out your Halloween decorations and stock up on the best Halloween candy (because nobody wants to be that house that runs out of treats). When choosing your costume, it’s important to do a little self-reflection, and take stock of the message you want to send on the night of October 31st. Do you want to rock a hilarious couples costume with your partner? Perhaps you’re looking to terrify everyone who lays their eyes on you, and need a scary Halloween costume for the night. Or, perhaps, you want to go the superhero Halloween costume route and don a heroic, life-saving persona for the evening. We can’t blame you there. And if you’re going to go super, you should probably go with a Marvel Halloween costume from one of the biggest, most successful superhero franchises of all time. Just a thought.

Think about it, these days when you think superhero, you think Marvel. Who doesn’t want to dress up as an Avenger? The universe is filled with costume-worthy characters to choose from and when it comes to costumes most people will immediately recognize, Marvel definitely fits into that category. Marvel Halloween costumes are perfect for individuals or groups looking to win the office costume contest, and because of the franchise’s popularity there are many high-quality costumes out there available at reasonable prices. We’ve divided them up into categories including the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Other Characters from the franchise. Here are the best Marvel Halloween costumes for celebrating in 2021.


Iron Man

It all started with Iron Man, and you can bring the infamous character to life with this Mark 85 costume made for adults. The polyester jumpsuit is printed with the contours, lights and body armour you’re used to seeing in the first Avenger, and it’s got a hook-and-loop closure on the back that’s easy to maneuver. The suit also comes with a plastic mask and boot tops to complete the look.

Iron man costume, Marvel Halloween costume

Buy: Iron Man Adult Halloween Costume $49.89


Iron Man Flip FX Mask

This Iron Man mask is great if you’ve already got a bodysuit to wear, or want to keep it simple and rock just a mask for the evening. It’s got flip-activated lighting effects built into it and a movie-inspired design that looks legit. It has an adjustable strap in the back designed to fit most head shapes, and is very affordable at less than $20.

Avengers iron man mask, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Avengers Marvel Iron Man Flip Mask $17.99


Captain America

This officially-licensed Captain America costume is a padded jumpsuit complete with an attached belt and 3D boot tops for an authentic superhero silhouette. The costume is 100% polyester and printed with Captain America’s signature star across the chest, shoulder straps and hardened torso. It also comes with a mask and is hand-wash only.

Captain America costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Captain America: Civil War Deluxe Adult Costume $55.52


Captain America Shield

No Captain America costume is complete without his signature shield. This one is 12 inches in length and made of lightweight material that won’t be a pain to carry around all night. It has elastic straps in the back that you can grab onto for an authentic cosplay experience and it’s colored with bright, shiny red, white and blue. Note, this shield is designed for children, so it may look small on some adults.

Captain America shield, Marvel halloween costumes

Buy: Captain America Shield $19.98


Thor — God of Thunder

If you’re feeling a god of thunder vibe this Halloween, this men’s Thor costume is a great pick. It’s a full Thor jumpsuit with an attached cape and belt, so you’ve got all the details covered, and the pull-on closure on the back makes it easy to put on and take off. The jumpsuit also comes with padded arms for extra bulk, 3D shoulder detailing and attached boot tops. It comes with Thor’s upgraded hammer as well, as an added accessory.

Thor costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Men's Thor Costume $66.50


Thor Wig

Want Chris Hemsworth’s long, luscious locks? The costume really wouldn’t be complete without them. This wig will get you close, and one size is designed to fit most teens and adults.

Thor wig, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Men's Thor Wig $16.56


Adult Thor Hammer

Thor isn’t Thor without his hammer. This one isn’t made of what we imagine is the heaviest metal known to man, but rather lightweight plastic that’ll be easy to carry around all night. It comes with a fabric wrist strap and a Velcro closure that’ll make it easy to swing around, and it’s 17.5″ long.

Thor hammer, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Thor Hammer $15.74


Loki — God of Mischief

This Loki costume is based on what he wore in the Thor Dark World and Thor Ragnarok movies, and comes with a full get up of a coat, top, pants, oversleeves and gaiters all made of genuine Asgard leather, of course. This costume is more of an investment but also looks quite a bit better than your average jumpsuit costume. If you’re looking to do the God of Mischief proud, this is what you should wear.

Loki costume, Marvel halloween costumes

Buy: Loki Halloween Costume $259.99


Loki Helmet

To complete your Loki look, you’ve got to don this signature Loki helmet/ crown made of sturdy PVC material and decorated with bright, gold colors. It’s got an elastic strap in the back for a flexible fit that can be adjusted easily to different sizes, and it perfectly matches the dark green and black costume above.

Loki crown, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Loki Crown $32.99


Captain Marvel

If your vibe is more the most powerful being in the marvel universe, check out this Captain Marvel hero suit. It’s printed with bright red, blue and gold, and comes with a printed belt along the waist. It’s flexible and comfortable to wear, and comes in a few different sizes.

captain marvel costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Women's Captain Marvel Hero Suit $36.99


Black Panther

Wakanda forever! This Black Panther costume is made to make you look as tough, rugged and ready for action as T’Challa himself. It comes padded with muscles and gloves with plastic claws for an even more intimidating look. It comes with a full jumpsuit, mask and gloves, and comes decorated with T’Challa’s signature neck detailing as well.

adult Black Panther costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Adult Black Panther Costume $37.49


Black Panther Basic Mask

This Black Panther mask is perfect if you’ve already got a costume or want to don a simple outfit, complete with the authentic, animation-inspired design. It looks super authentic and comes with a flexible band in the back for an adjustable fit. It comes in both a classic and Vibranium Power model, pictured below. Either one will help you look just like King T’Challa on Halloween.

Black Panther mask, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Black Panther Basic Mask $16.99


Black Panther Vibranium Mask

Black Panther vibranium mask, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Black Panther Vibranium Face Mask $18.99


Black Widow

Dress up just like the star of the latest movie in this Black Widow getup, inspired by her costume in the movie! It’s a black polyester jumpsuit with printed details of her fierce armor. The costume also includes a belt holster and a foam belt as well. It’s got a front zipper closure and a chest strap that’ll hold you in as you flip, kick and tumble your way through the evening.

Black widow costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Adult Black Widow Costume $49.99



Falcon and the Winter Soldier is one of the latest Marvel properties that hit Disney+ earlier this year, and this costume is inspired by the fearless flying Avenger Falcon. The jumpsuit comes with wings attached as well as goggles and gloves to keep you protected and ready for adventure. The goggles are authentically tinted red and the wings attach to the jumpsuit, arms and wrists via hook-and-loop fasteners.

Falcon costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Adult Falcon Costume $54.99


The Winter Soldier

Since Falcon and the Winter Soldier have become a pair, this costume felt like a necessary inclusion as well. It’s a printed jumpsuit costume with an intimidating headpiece to match. It’s got the signature Winter Soldier star on the reflective metallic sleeves and is easy to slip on come party time. It’s also 100% polyester, so hand wash is best.

winter soldier costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: The Winter Soldier Costume $87.89


The Hulk

Transform into Dr. Banner’s bulky, intimidating, seemingly uncontrollable alter ego — The Hulk — with these equally bulky Halloween costume. It’s got muscles molded into the arms as well as The Hulk’s iconic ripped jeans. The costume also comes with shoe covers that mimic his bare feet, and gloves and a mask so you’re green from head to toe.

The Hulk costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Adult Hulk Costume $41.24


Doctor Strange

If you’d prefer to dress up as one of the more peculiar, but no less powerful, Avengers, this Dr. Strange costume for adults is perfect. It’s a printed tunic with a long red cape, fingerless gloves and boot covers to go over your shoes. It also comes with a decorative belt and an emblem in the middle of the chest for holding the infinity stone. The cape comes with an oversized collar for just the right amount of grandiose energy and the costume is designed to fit folks up to 5’11”.

Dr. Strange costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Dr. Strange Costume $54.99


Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Costume

The Star Lord is the “leader” of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and also the perfect comedic relief in a universe that tends to take itself a little too seriously. The jumpsuit comes with a printed leather jacket and pants as well as a padded muscle chest, half-mask and boot-tops as well. Now all you need is a Rocket, Gamora, Groot and Drex to round out the crew.

Gamora guardians of the galaxy costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Star-Lord Deluxe Costume $49.99



Gamora is another pivotal member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and if you don this costume and throw on some green face paint you’ll be ready to take on whatever the nine realms throw at you. It’s a jumpsuit with a zipper in the back, green mesh on the chest and sleeves, a waist belt with leg holsters and pull-on glovelets.

Gamora costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Costume $79.99


Rocket Racoon Costume

Rocket Racoon is arguably the most adorable superhero in the galaxy, and this costume will almost turn you into the wiley trickster who also happens to be fantastic at saving the day. It’s a full-body jumpsuit complete with faux fur sleeves and a racoon face mask. It also comes with racoon gloves to polish off the look.

rocket racoon costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Rocket Racoon Costume $16.08



If you’re more of the supervillain type, you can’t go bigger or badder than Thanos. This muscle costume is adult-sized and comes in his classic purple-ish hue. It’s got muscles molded into the arms and torso, and comes with his black and gold armor used to take over the galaxy. It also comes with gloves and a mask so you can be fully suited and ready to meet the Avengers. Note: this costume does not include shoes.

Thanos costume, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Thanos Muscle Costume $41.24


Nick Fury

No one can replace Samuel L. Jackson, but this Nick Fury costume will get you close to his stature with a classic Steampunk Victorian getup and, of course, an eye patch. He was a friend and trusted ally to all the Avengers, and he’s an essential member of the crew if you need another member for the group costume contest. The tailcoat comes with a real frock coat, a lapel collar and long sleeves with flap pockets to match. The eye patch is a simple design you can use with other Halloween costumes in the future.

men's steampunk tailcoat, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Men's Steampunk Vintage Tailcoat $25.99


Eye Patch

eye patch, Marvel Halloween costumes

Buy: Eye Patch $4.99