Back to school can cause a flurry of activity everywhere in the house, especially at the entryway

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Whether the main family entrance is through the front door or through the garage connecting door, evidence of school starting up again will be there: Kicked off shoes Dropped backpacks Discarded books Piled up jackets and hats Multiply all that by the number of family members, and your entryway can become cluttered rather quickly! By organizing storage at the points of entry to your home, your family will save time and frustration hunting for things by having a place for the many things that make up a busy school or workday.
An organized entryway means less forgotten or misplaced items when it’s time to leave for school
Maximize your entryway’s usefulness Entryways come in all shapes and sizes from a doorway opening directly into a room to a spacious foyer and hall leading to the main part of the house. Tailored Living® can help you maximize your entryway space with custom storage and organization solutions for the specific needs of your family with custom cabinetry, shelves, drawers, and hooks that will eliminate clutter and ease comings and goings for everyone.
Custom entryway design adds unique style to your home for a clutter-free, welcoming environment
Custom cabinets create space to deposit schoolbooks, backpacks, laptops, and jackets so they don’t infiltrate the house or get misplaced. Install hooks that both kids and adults can easily reach so no one has an excuse for dropping things on the floor. Drawers or bins can keep small items like gloves, sunglasses, pens, and earbuds from getting lost. By having school and work necessities at the doorway, there’s no last-minute scramble to find what’s needed as everyone is trying to get out on time. Incorporate storage with benches A bench in the entryway can provide a place to unload packages or small children, as well as seating to remove or change shoes, sort through the mail, or finish up a phone call. A storage bench with a lid can hide sports equipment like bats, balls, and cleats, or anything else you prefer stored out of sight. Other bench designs incorporate drawers or open shelves and cubbies underneath for stowing shoes and other gear that comes through the door.
An integrated, custom bench can be highly functional and a beautiful way to hide clutter
It’s an ideal place to collect whatever has to leave with the family, like gifts, store returns, or library books that can be easily forgotten. Plenty of room to store pet necessities like leashes, halters, collars, pet treats, waste bags, puppy sweaters, drying towels, or anything else you don’t want on display. A bench is a convenient “wait for me” spot for a wiggly preschooler to look at a book while everyone is getting organized on a busy morning. Hooks can create effortless storage Decorative hooks are generally part of any entryway design because they provide immediate organization that can accommodate any number of things from hats and scarves to briefcases and purses. They are also a simple way to create storage space in the smallest of spaces, like a narrow entryway where cabinets won’t fit but a row of hooks will. Create hanging space along a stair wall or turn a tiny corner into a coat rack with versatile hooks. Big hooks for coats or dainty hooks for keys, decorative hooks can become design elements in your entryway to express formal, whimsical, modern, or rustic styles. Floating shelves with integrated hooks supply hanging space and decorative mini storage options. A standing coat rack with multiple hooks is another option for efficient hanging space in a small place. The no-shame garage entryway Garage entry into the house gets private family use and may suffer from neglect, becoming an accelerated clutter hot spot as discards pile up on both sides of the door. Ideally, the more stuff that can be downloaded in the garage, the less mess to enter the house. Custom garage storage for entryway and mudroom design can accommodate organized storage for sports equipment, coats, hats, boots, and shoes, so everyone enters the house unencumbered. Both garage and house stay neater and there’s no repeated handling of things to return them to the garage … they’re already there!
Incorporate entryway organization solutions into overall garage design to keep unnecessary clutter out of the house
Custom mudroom storage can expand to the number of family members with hooks and cubbies, so each person has personal space. Combining enclosed cabinets and open shelves can provide space for hanging, stacking, or collection bins to hold small items. Vertical storage maximizes space so tall people and short people can easily reach. Slatwall panels will organize sports equipment of all kinds with specialty hooks and attachments for large and small items, keeping together everything that’s needed for after-school sports. Organized entryways will eliminate clutter and chaos throughout the whole house and help to reduce stress by keeping necessities close at hand and exactly where needed when it’s time to go. Keys? At the front door on a hook. Backpack? On the bench, loaded for school. Organization and customized storage will make it easier for the whole family to cultivate the habit of placing everything they need for the morning in their own entryway space the night before. No more frantic hunts for the science book as the school bus is honking or having to drive a forgotten lunch to school. Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today or go online to to find a designer near you who can help get your entryways functional and fabulous with cabinetry that will match your home’s décor in texture, color, and style. Our whole-home organization specialists can also help eliminate clutter in closets, laundry room, pantry, home office, and family room with innovative storage solutions for the way you live.
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