Christmas Around the House {2022}

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When we put our Christmas decorations up this year, I told Corey it kind of feels like our house belongs in Christmastime. Maybe it’s because we moved here in mid-November and put up a Christmas tree on the night we moved in. Maybe it’s because I have lots of green in my house already.

Heck, maybe it’s just because I’m obsessed with Christmas and feel like it should be a year-round thing.

I haven’t experienced this with other houses, so I’m guessing I’m either losing my mind or it’s the whole “we decorated for Christmas right when we moved in” thing. Regardless of the reason, every year when I decorate for Christmas in this house it feels like something just clicks into place. It feels right.

It feels goooooooood.

Neutral living room with a tall christmas tree

My Christmas style has changed a lot over the years. In our first house it was all glitter and sparkles and red and metallics. In our second house, it was much more restrained because our house was tiny. So, it was small touches here and there, but nothing too much.

This is our fourth Christmas in this house, and I think we’ve really found our stride. Christmas in this house is full of rich greens and golds. Lots of cozy textures. Tons of twinkly lights. As much garland as I can squeeze onto every surface.

It’s warm and welcoming and cozy and it feels like home.

Much of what I did this year is very similar to my decor from last year. I just added in a few things and updated some stuff here and there. I’ve almost completely eliminated red from our Christmas decor on the first floor because it just doesn’t fit in. But, I did grab some deep burgundy throw pillows this year and that feels like the perfect way to blend in some red in a way that makes sense in this house.

Cozy living room decorated for Christmas

So, let’s hop to it, shall we? Welcome to our home at Christmas. Come on in, won’t you? I’ll take you on a virtual tour.

2022 Christmas home tour

We’ll start outside. We still haven’t really found our outdoor decor identity yet. We have a hodge-podge of random decorations, blow ups, and other things for the front yard. But Corey and I both agreed it doesn’t really feel cohesive or right for our house. This year, we kept things super simple outside. Lights on the house, a couple of evergreen trees on the steps, and a wreath.

Add in a little mini tree for the porch and a Christmas-y pillow on the bench and we’ll call it a day.

Front entry of a suburban home decorated for Christmas

I think next year I’d like to focus a little more on the exterior (I’m picturing lots more wooden lanterns on the steps and maybe a few more trees!), but for now it’s enough to make me smile when I get home.

exterior Christmas sources

Now, let’s head into the house. The first thing you see when you walk in is my giiiiiiant paper bag snowflake garland. Seriously – I don’t think I can overstate how impactful it is when you walk in. Here’s a photo that might give you a better idea of the scale:

Woman in home entry that has a large paper bag snowflake garland

This is hands down my favorite thing I added this year, and it will absolutely be a tradition from now on.

The other thing you’ll find in the entry is our activity advent tree, with the slowly disappearing envelopes as we get closer to Christmas!

Collage of two detail images of a home decorated for Christmas
Home entry decorated for Christmas

Entry Christmas Sources

Once you make it through the entry (feel free to hang your coat on a hook!), you’ll be welcomed into the great room. Grab a seat next to the tree – I recommend the leather chair – while I pour you some hot cocoa.

Can you imagine it?

Two detail images of a home decorated for Christmas

You may have noticed this (and I am constantly talking about it), but I’m huge on tradition with the holidays. I find there to be something so special about pulling out the same decorations year after year. It goes back to when I was a kid – I remember insisting certain things went in the exact same spot every Christmas. So, this part of our house looks largely the same every year – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This year, I swapped out the art on the art ledge for the first time. It was really fun to track down some cute Christmas art and add my new Christmas puzzle. Toss in some twinkle lights (because why not?) and it’s feeling very jolly in here.

Christmas home tour images
Fireplace decorated for Christmas
Two close up images of Christmas decorations

Living Room Christmas Sources

Once you come a little further into the house, you’ll see the dining room and kitchen. If you’re coming over for dinner, this is probably where we’ll spend most of our time. Everyone always congregates around the island until it’s time to eat, and our dining room chairs are so comfy we often have a hard time getting people to transition to the living room after dinner. We’re all happy to sit and chat at the table for hours.

The dining room doesn’t get a lot for Christmas – just some garland on the table and some Christmas-y greenery in my large vase. I keep our table setting super simple throughout the season because this table gets used for so much more than just entertaining. We work here, we play games here, we do puzzles here, and the kids do art projects here. I don’t like to make the table decor too fussy, because chances are it’s gonna be touched and moved and messed with 100 times a day.

Dining room table set with garland and candlesticks

Next year? I think we need another set of snowflakes above the giant window in here.

The kitchen gets some garland too, and OF COURSE it gets the leg lamp. Because everyone needs a good leg lamp. We’ll talk more about that one later this week – stay tuned.

In past years, I haven’t done much at all in the kitchen for Christmas. I did a little more this year, and I’d like to do even more next year. Because you can’t have too many Christmas touches, if you ask me.

Also, I think the garland over the kitchen window could use some twinkle lights. As could every other corner of my house. My goal is to eventually not need overhead lights in the house at all during the Christmas season. We’ll just use the Christmas glow.

Two detail images of a kitchen decorated for the Christmas season
Kitchen decorated for Christmas

Dining Room + Kitchen Christmas Sources

And the last space to see downstairs is our room. This is a space I really want to put more energy into in coming years. It has always just gotten whatever is left from decorating the rest of the house, but I think our room deserves some touches of its own!

We have a small pencil tree in here, and it’s the perfect fit for the corner. I bought some metallic ornaments for the tree this year and I love the dark and moody look. They fit right in with the rest of our room!

Aside from some throw pillows on the bed (also new this year), some garland on the mirror, and a couple of leftover decor pieces on the dresser, that’s it in here. Next year, I want to spend some more time on the tree (it’s good, but it could be great), add some Christmas bedding, and just generally make it feel like Buddy the Elf got his hands on our room.

Because why the heck not?!

two detail images of a bedroom decorated for Christmas
Bedroom decorated for Christmas
two images of a bedroom decorated for Christmas- one of a Christmas tree in a bedroom and one of a bed decorated for Christmas

Bedroom Christmas Sources

And finally, let’s wrap up this little tour by heading upstairs. You’ll notice that the vibe upstairs is noticeably different from downstairs. Why? Because I give the boys full reign up there! Corey loves our decorations downstairs but if it were up to him things would feel a lot more traditional – you know, reds and greens only. He also likes things with a little more cheese factor than I do. So, I let him get whatever he wants for the upstairs, and he and the kids go crazy. It’s not how I’d decorate at all but I love it – it feels like them. And I love that they love having ownership over the space!

two images of a family photo display with Christmas photos on it
Family room decorated for Christmas
Two close up images of details of a home decorated for CHristmas

Of course, the boys also have their little mini trees in their room – they have the most fun decorating them and they’re always so proud of them all season long.

This is another part of the house that’ll probably see more Christmas cheer as we collect more decor. And, you know, as the kids get older and can actually handle it when they’re unsupervised.

I’ve already had to entirely redecorate this tree once so far this season thanks to a certain Tiny Destroyer.

kids' room with a tabletop Christmas tree

Upstairs Christmas Sources

And that’s how our home looks for Christmas this year! It’s been really fun to look back at old tours and watch how our style has evolved, and I know someday I’ll love looking back at this one to see how things have changed again!

What about your Christmas decor? Do you keep it mostly the same year after year, or do you love to change things up?

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