Foldable Sticky Mini Wall Hanger Hook

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Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Hangers
Price: 9.95

Excellent material: professionally used for 4-hole multi-function strong self-adhesive wall-mounted coat hook, wear resistance, good storage, can let you use for a long time and

Easy to use: safety design with protective cover 4-hole multi-function strong self Stick the wall-mounted coat hook, after cleaning, you can continue to keep it clean, which is convenient for you to use and easy to clean next time: you can clean it quickly.

Can be cleaned and put in the cabinet. It does not take up much space and can be stored well


Item Type: Wall Hangers
Material: PVC + Non-marking glue
Size: About 11.3 x 7.5 x 6cm  
Color: Blue/ White

Package Included: 1 x Foldable Sticky Mini Wall Hanger Hook