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Do you like snugly fur blankets? I suddenly realized I am in love with that feel of soft furry yarn. It reminds me of hugging my dog. And I love her so much! The first time I tried fur yarn was last year, when Scheepjes Furry Tales were released. I even designed a Baby Bear toy the launch (and later made a bunch of them for my son and his friends). 

Furry Cloud Cowl and Rock Star Coat were next projects using Furry Tales, but they are knit. Not a surprise that fur yarn is easier to knit with, than to crochet. The fluff hides the stitches so well, and the only way to crochet is to do that intuitively. 

I made a quick search online and found several recommendations about how to crochet with fur. It is advised to find stitches with the fingers which in my opinion does not always give the best result, as it is easy to miss a stitch or two. 

Another advice is to spray fur with water and to crochet with wet yarn, what I personally do not like. Because stitches do not slide on the hook, and crochet takes lots of efforts. 

I could not stop thinking about this “problem” and I felt there should be a much easier way to use fur yarn in crochet. 

Right now, I am working on a new secret project which will come out later this year. I chose Stone Washed XL yarn by Scheepjes, and thought like fur could be a nice detail too. And suddenly, it clicked! The eureka moment! 

I came up with a stitch pattern which was super easy to crochet with furry yarn! Well, of course I could not wait for months to introduce my kind of method to you. And so I decided to test it on another project, which could be released soon. 

I do not have much to show you yet, except of the gorgeous Furry Tales yarn. I needed five colors, and just look how perfectly they go together. 

Look at this unbelievably beautiful pink! 

Scheepjes Furry Tales yarn comes in 22 shades. Decent, stylish, bright, playful and colors your kids will love for sure. Like a unicorn fur. How cool is it? 

I am going to work more on my blanket in coming days and hope to share a wip with you next Friday. But in a meanwhile you can check Furry Tales yarn in your local Scheepjes shop, or via online retailers: 

Wool Warehouse* (UK, international shipping)

Caro's Atelier* (NL, Europe)

Taemombo (US & Canada)

Which colors do you like? Which of them match your interior design perfectly? 
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