How to Add Spring Vibes to Your Bathroom

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Have you ever imagined enjoying your bath time in a fresh bathroom? That would be very refreshing. All you have to do is just adds spring touches to your bathroom. It is a lot easier than you think. First, you can add new fragrances to your bathroom. A clean scent will highlight the newness of spring. Floral is always a good choice, but you can also opt for herbal scents or crisp citrusy ones. You can add these scents to your bathroom by using candles, hand soap, or an air freshener. You can also change the shower curtain to a spring pattern. By changing the shower curtain, you can make your bathroom look more cheerful and welcoming. You can also add fresh greenery and florals. A spring-colored tulip would look great in your bathroom. Choose plants that can thrive in a warm humid environment, and make sure they receive plenty of sunlight. For a truly spring-themed look, change the bathroom’s lighting. A brighter color in the shower will help you feel more relaxed and refreshed. A springtime look is all about bright and fresh colors. The brighter the light, the better. Furthermore, below are some ideas on how to add spring vibes to your bathroom.

How to add spring vibes to your bathroom1


Start your spring bathroom decor with the right wall decor, this will be a complement to the room that gives it a simple but charming look. Look at the moss plants that fill this wall, doesn’t it look fresh and give a different view of the room. You can make it look beautiful with the reflection of the light to make it look bold at night. Do not forget to water it with clean water so that it can develop properly. Moss wall bathroom from shelterness.


Vertical plants that are applied in this minimalist modern bathroom can be used as room decorations as well as a refresher that makes the room feel cooler. Not only vertical plants, you can also use some plant pots that are placed on the floor facing the window. Choose and use plant pots with different types and sizes to make it look more varied. The bathroom room which is dominated by jet black is a smart idea to bring a masculine feel. Vertical plants with plant pots from shelterness.


One way to bring a spring vibe to your bathroom decor is to use indoor plants as decorations. Choose and use green plants of more than one type to cool the room. Ranging from large to small sizes. For small plants, you can apply it to the floating shelf that is installed on the wall vertically. Solid black tiles make the room look more different. Indoor plants decoration from shelterness.


You can create a special space to put your green plants that will be used as spring bathroom decorations. For example, you make built-in wall shelves that are perfected with natural wood shelves that seem rustic because they don’t have colored paint. One of the green plants that you can use is the ivory betel that can propagate. Various pots with different colors and sizes are a smart idea that you can do right now. Rustic space greenery from shelterness.


If you have a bathroom decoration with limited space, then you can hang some planters to the empty ceiling. Hang it using a rope that is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t fall off easily when used for a long period of time. This plant will be a bold decoration because the bathroom decorations used are dominated by white. Sunlight that enters the room will make your indoor plants develop well. Ceiling planters from shelterness.


Prepare ropes on both sides of the bathroom wall to be used as an area to hang green plant pots that have a smaller size. Then you can use a stronger iron hook to apply it. There is nothing wrong with using fern plants in the floor area as a fresh addition to the decoration. The bathroom, which is dominated by white, gives the impression of being clean and open. Hanging and floor plants from shelterness.


Green plants are not enough, you can also use patterned and brightly colored curtains to bring the feel of spring to your bathroom decor. Hang this curtain in the bathtub area for a different view. This curtain has a tulips flower pattern which is very suitable when combined with dry wood floors because they both have a natural impression. Green plants become the final decoration that you can use in two different sized pots. Colorful and bright curtain from homemydesign.


Bring nature into your spring-style bathroom décor with the use of greenery as a refreshing windowsill decor. The plant that you can use is ivory betel which is able to propagate perfectly when set as best as possible. Not only window sill decorations, but you can also coat the floor with a runner rug that has a colorful pattern. This bathroom decoration idea will get the maximum final result. Colorful runner rug from homemydesign.


Keep your bathroom minimalist with the right arrangement of houseplants. For now you can put three pots of green plants in the windowsill as a fresh and never-failing room decoration, with this your window area will be of better use. Get these greenery from your backyard garden to save on expenses. Do watering and maintenance regularly for the final results that match your expectations. Houseplants windowsill decoration from homemydesign.


Choose and use a blooming flower pattern curtain as a bathroom interior that instantly brings a spring theme. This curtain is suitable for use in a room with any style, including a modern minimalist style. In addition, when applied to bathroom decorations, white nuances can also be used as a beautiful focal point. Use this curtain as a separator between the bathtub and the dry floor, this idea is quite easy to do well. Bold floral curtain from homemydesign.


If you have a bathroom decoration with limited space, then the layout of indoor green plants needs to be considered carefully and carefully. You can use only medium and small plant pots to make the application easier. One of the places that you can use is the surface of the bathtub which is perfected with a small table with matching materials. With this, the indoor plants that you use do not take up much of your bathroom floor area. Indoor green plants from homemydesign.


Instead of flowers or green plants that can bring the feel of spring in the room. Consider using a wallpaper that has a palm leaf pattern so that it presents a tropical theme instantly. Furthermore, you can also use checkboard tiles as an additional cute color that you can use together. Green plants with two different types are complements that you can use right now. Tropical wallpaper decoration from homemydesign.


The choice of roses curtain in modern spring bathroom decorations is very appropriate because it has a pattern that gives a feminine feel to the room. Besides being able to be used as room decoration, it can also be used as a barrier between the bathtub room and the dry floor which is used as a toilet and vanity. Ornaments or other decorations that you can use are flower arrangements that are applied to a modern vase that has a color that matches the feel of the room. You can try it right now. Roses curtain decor from homemydesign.


This part of the wall which is covered with tropical wallpaper is one of the hallmarks of spring-style bathroom decorations. Some of the walls of this bathroom are perfected with clean white tiles. Furniture that you can use is a wooden vanity repainted with a fresh green color. Meanwhile, the use of vines indoors is a highly recommended complement. Tropical wallpaper decoration from homemydesign.


Monstera plants, fern plants and ivory betel are a combination of several indoor plants that can be placed in any room of the house, including in your bathroom decoration. Some of these plants are ready to welcome spring with gusto. Next, hang some small pots on the wooden stairs that are applied to the ceiling. With this, your green plant decoration does not interfere with your movement space while in this bathroom. A blend of greenery from digsdigs.


Do you want to have a new look in your modern minimalist bathroom decor? If so, then you can use the wall area as a planter which is very appropriate when you have limited space. Choose and use indoor plants that have good resistance and low maintenance. Do watering regularly and of course with the provision of fertilizer as well so that it can develop perfectly and in accordance with the expected results. Wall planter decoration from digsdigs.


The colorful decoration that is perfected with an orchid flower arrangement in a vase is one of the eclectic bathroom decorating ideas with a spring theme. But there’s nothing wrong with using vintage furniture such as old vanity combined with an acrylic stool that looks transparent. Furthermore, you can apply this colorful decoration through the use of tile floors which have a combination of yellow and blue so that it looks more contrasting. You can try it right now. Colorful tile floor from digsdigs.


Look at the windowsill bathroom decoration which is perfected with this variety of flower vases, doesn’t it look beautiful and awesome? Yes, you can try it in a fairly easy way. Choose and use some of the greenery and flowers you like most in your backyard garden. The next idea is to consider using a vase that has a pattern at the same time with a unique and diverse shape. Some of these vases will enhance the view of the spring bathroom decoration. Decorative plants windowsill from digsdigs.


Create a comfortable and fresh atmosphere in your small bathroom. An easy way that you can try is to include green plants in your small bathroom. Small bathrooms will feel fresher with these green plants, you can use pots for planting to make it easier for you to arrange the layout. Not only can it be applied to the lower area, you can also hang plant pots to make your bathroom look more green and fresh. Indoor greenery layout from digsdigs.


To make your bathroom look fresher and more beautiful in the spring, try putting a pot of orchids in it. Choose flowers that have colors that match the bathroom to make the appearance more harmonious. Clay pots will make your bathroom feel more natural, place these blooming flowers right next to the sink. Because this flower has a fairly high size, it can also be used as the focal point of the room. Orchid flower decoration from digsdigs.


So that your small bathroom still looks spacious and fresh in the spring, use green plants in hanging pots that are applied to the ceiling using iron ropes. Green plants will create a natural freshness in your small bathroom. Don’t hesitate to use several pots to make your activities more comfortable and relaxed. The stainless pot will give a sparkle that makes your small bathroom look luxurious and modern. Hanging stainless steel planters from digsdigs.


Bring the atmosphere of spring into your modern small bathroom by adding a flower arrangement in a glass cup filled with water. The right flower for your modern small bathroom is a tulip, use tulips in bright colors. Yellow tulips will give a different color to your modern small bathroom. Provide a small table for placing the flowers so as not to interfere with your activities in the bathroom, besides that you can also use this table as an additional storage area. Yellow tulip flower from digsdigs.


One of the flowers that can be used to welcome spring is roses. Because these flowers have different types and colors, you can choose one of them, pink being the color of choice that is very appropriate for bathroom decorations with white nuances. Currently you can use two flower arrangement vases of different sizes to decorate the marble countertop. This flower color will also look bolder when applied to the corner area. Blooming pink roses from digsdigs.


Consider using a plant vase with a larger appearance and size. This hand-carved clay pot looks more creative and unique. Don’t forget to also repaint with a splash of white paint. You can use a large pot as a planter for snake plants that are quite tall. Place it right next to your wooden vanity as a decoration that anyone can see when entering this bathroom. Snake plant with carved pot from digsdigs.


Enjoy the atmosphere of your soak in the bathtub by adding flowers on top. Prepare a wooden board and place it on the bathtub transversely to place this beautiful flower. The atmosphere of the white bathroom will make the flowers on your stone a new focal point in this year’s spring decorations. Roses that have a pink color and will make your mood better. Pink roses on a wooden board from countryliving.


The combination of floral wallpaper with shiplap walls in a spring bathroom decoration is a highly recommended combination consideration. Floral wallpaper will make the room decor look more alive. It’s not enough to stop here, this wallpaper is also very suitable when applied indoors in any style, including modern, shabby chic or vintage styles. You can try using wall mounted lamps as an elegant perfect idea. Bold floral wallpaper from countryliving.


There are many ways and decorating ideas that you can work on to bring a spring theme and style to the bathroom. One of them is to use a print painting that is perfected with a white wooden frame. You can use more than one floral painting print with different color displays too. Next, hang this painting frame to the empty wall vertically for perfect results. Flower print painting frame from countryliving.


The modern minimalist nuance and touch that dominates this spring bathroom decoration looks more elegant and neat. Don’t let your vanity countertop area be empty and boring. Currently you can choose transparent glass vases with a size large enough that can be filled with a series of peach roses. You can use soil planting media so that it can develop better and maximally, the sunlight that enters the room also helps the development of this flower. Peach roses on top of vanity from homedesignlover.


A touch of beach style in spring bathroom decorations often occurs. The style of this room never fails to produce a very captivating final décor. You can use a glass vase with a super pretty light blue color. Striped runner rug under the bath will coat the wooden floor with full warmth. Use these bathroom decorating ideas right now. Beach touch spring bathroom decoration from homedesignlover.


Not only flowers or green plants that can bring a spring theme in your bathroom decor. Colorful runner rug with a striped pattern is also a smart idea that you can do. Apply this runner rug on dry floor areas for a warmer and more comfortable footbed. You can also apply red flowers in the corner of the vanity area as a perfect accent that you can try. Colorful striped runner rug from homedesignlover.