How to get rid of a dozen duck eggs (aka Mini Veggie Frittatas)

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Flipping through the newspaper last week, in the Relish insert, a recipe jumped out a me, “Mini Veggie Frittatas.” The receipe as printed in the insert (originally in Modern Freezer Meals by Ali Rosen) calls for 16 eggs.


Presuming that most recipes are formulated based on USDA size large eggs (2 oz average weight in shell), this would be 32 oz of in shell eggs – easy to convert to using duck eggs. I used the total shell weight in this recipe so a future incarnation could be done with bantam or Serama eggs which are less than USDA pee wee weight.

Continuing with the Ninja food processor/blender frenzy (see yesterday’s post on Zucchini Brownies), I have adapted the recipe referenced above for the Ninja and adjusted the ingredients to use up some cherry tomatoes my husband has been growing. My instructions also ensure even distribution of the veggies in each frittata – something you may not get if you are pouring out from a pitchered bowl into the muffin tins. The Ninja pitcher makes it easy to pour neatly into each tin hole. The zucchini used in this recipe came from a local farmer purchased at the Stillwater Farmer’s Market.

Well puffed like a souffle!

This recipe makes 24 mini frittatas that can be frozen easily for super easy and quick breakfasts during the hectic weekday mornings. Per the original text in Relish, only 45 seconds to 1 minute is required in the microwave to reheat through. I used cupcake liners, but the next time I may skip that and use butter cooking spray in each cup. I’m not a fan of silicone (feels weird to me), but if you use it, you may want to use the silicone cupcake liners. They may work better than the paper liners.

Veggies can be swapped out to clear our your veggie drawer or to your taste/preference.

Mini Veggie Frittatas

32-34 oz of in-shell wt of eggs (16 lg chicken eggs or 12-13 duck eggs)

½ C milk

½ C grated Parmesan cheese

1-1/2 t salt

7 oz chopped zucchini

24 halved or quartered cherry tomatoes

2.4 oz chopped onion

Dried basil

Preheat oven to 400F. Coat 24 muffin-tin cups with nonstick cooking spray. (Paper liners can be used but the frittatas stick to the paper)

Evenly distribute the zucchini bits, onion, and the tomatoes in each muffin cup. Sprinkle each veggie pile with basil to taste. May also use other dried herb of your choice.

Blend in Ninja with dough hook: eggs, milk, cheese, salt.  Pour into each loaded tin.

Bake for 20 min.

Freeze in zipper bag after completely cool. Microwave 45 sec to 1 min until heated through.

If you find your pour short, blend an extra egg up with a dash of milk. Oops.
But of course they had to collapse.