My Latest Snag: Transitional Dress Coat for Mini

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I’ll do a roundup soon of my favorite outerwear picks for little ones, but I was in need of a coat that could transition from the first few crisp fall days to heavier duty occasions as the mercury drops. I debated for some time between one of these Foque knits, which mini wore the winter before last (so, so precious) and this spiffy fur trim collar beauties. I went with the latter because I immediately conjured an image of her wearing these adorable knee socks with it and it had to happen.
You’re Sooooo Popular: The Croc Bag.
The most popular items on the blog this week:

+This ultra-chic croc bag for fall.

+My favorite pumps.

+Cozy cable-knit mockneck. (I hate the word cozy — it’s vastly overused in the blogosphere. But this truly is cozy.)

+Waffle tees. LOVE layering with these.

+A great price on super chic joggers.

+Fun fall dress.

+MVP for diaper bags.
#Turbothot: “I Laughed.”
Those of you with toddlers might relate to the baffling silence returned by the following inquiry:

“How was school? What did you do today?”

Though mini is highly articulate and occasionally startles me with her vocabulary (I beamed when her teachers came to visit and she showed them her “tongue depressor,” a part of her prized doctor kit toy), I don’t think she quite yet knows how to answer such open-ended questions, or how to isolate specific activities and memories across such a broad sweep of time. I usually ask more targeted things afterward: “Did you play musical instruments? Did you paint? Did you have a snack?” She almost always says “yes” to any and all of these things, so either she is exceptionally busy at school or I’m still not asking the right questions.

I was tickled, then, when I asked her about her day earlier this week and — after the routine long pause during which I can never ascertain whether she is lost in thought, confused by the question, or disinterested in conversation — she replied, brightly:

“I laughed, mama.”

I laughed out loud with surprise and delight. What a beautiful thing to say about one’s day. Out of all of the possible descriptions, milestones, steps: “I laughed.”

It reminded me of that bastardized Whitman quote: “We were together; I forget the rest.” If only I could let the minor frustrations and exhaustions and disappointments of my days melt away and focus on the high notes: laughter, togetherness, health.

Another resolution for tomorrow: if I can sit down at the end of the day and say, “I laughed,” it will have been a good one.

P.S. What makes you laugh?
Post-Scripts: Grown Up Dress.
+This dress would make me feel like a proper grown-up.

+This is a fun Jeff Koons-esque situation for your bookshelf or desktop.

+OK, this charger-turned-stroller-hook is kind of genius.

+Love these llama jammies!

+Pretty ring/decorative dish.

+Don’t miss my roundup of fall finds…!

+These gift tags are absolutely stunning.

+OOH! Have eyed this Alice McCall for a full season. Finding it hard to say no to that discount!

+Are you a rule follower?

+What’s on your weekly menu rotation?

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