The Dappered Gift Guide for The Tailored/Suited Guy

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Tis the season.And by now youve probably been walloped over the head by 82,000 gift guides. So whats a few more? Instead of doing a highly generalized, throw-everything-against-the-digital-wall gift guide, well be breaking it up by category. Gifts for the guy who likes watches. Or the rugged type. Or the guy whos really into shoes. Etc. Well cover all those, and hopefully a few more in the coming days.

A Tipped/Bordered Pocket Square: The Tie Bar $10 $12

The Tipped Pocket Square |

Tipped pocket squares are great, because while the base is a dependable white linen or cotton, its the edges that bring a bit of color and personality. Think about what squares youve seen him wear. Does he have a preferred color? Have you seen him wear a tipped one before, with that color as its border? No?Then theres the one to get. Shown above is TheTieBars white linen with a navy border.

Breathable Garment Bags $15.95 for set of 3

Breathable Garment Bags

Storing suits sans garment bags is asking for moth-trouble. Storing them in suffocating, cheap plastic bags is asking for rank saturation. These are the answer. Breathable but still dust and water resistant, with a plastic window that allows you to see just which suit youre grabbing off the rack. Perfect.

J. Crew Travel Shoehorn $24

J. Crew Travel Shoehorn

For the travelling suit wearer (even if his trip is a daily stop at the gym pre-work). Shockingly useful. You wouldnt think having an additional, small shoehorn stashed in your luggage would make a difference, but if youve always got a dopp kit packed (whether it be for early morning gym visits / constant travel), it makes a big deal. I stash my mini shoe horn (not this particular one) in one of the interior side pockets of my Filson medium duffel. And there it lives. And gets used all the time. That J. Crew option is sold out at post time, but hoping for a restock? Maybe they have some in-store? These real-oxhorn shoe horns would be a nice alternative.

Wide Shouldered Suit/Sportcoat/Blazer Hangers $29.99 per 6 pack

Wide Shouldered Suit/Sportcoat/Blazer Hangers

Is it the sexiest gift? No. But wide shouldered hangers are gold, GOLD Jerry! to a guy who loves to wear suits, sportcoats, and blazers.

A Kent Clothes Brush $36 $180

Kent Clothes Brush |

Sure, those sticky rollers are great for quick jobs or more casual clothes but if he really likes his suits and sportcoats, he might think twice before taking an adhesive roller to it. Thats where a clothes brushes come in. Theyre specifically designed to lift dirt and hair out and up from a suits fabric, without damaging the weave. Kent makes terrific clothes brushes. Shown above is an older model of the two sided (soft/stiff) bristle brush. Spendy? Yes. But hell have it for the rest of his life.

Made in the USA Brass Money Clip $38.00

Made in the USA Brass Money Clip

Guys in suits often carry slimmed down wallets, or, a card case and money clip combo. Heres a money clip suggestion. Made in Brooklyn. Great angles. Also available in a black oxide in case hes less of a bling dude. Enormous fan of these money clips.

Suitsupply Leather Key Fob $39

Suitsupply Leather Key Fob

Bulky, jagged keys are not only a bad look in a slim suit trouser pocket, theyre downright dangerous to the fabric. These kind of key rings/fob thingys are a hugely underrated solution. And being that Suitsupply, yknow, specializes in suits, they understand this.

UNIQLO Extra Fine Merino Turtleneck $29.90 ($39.90)

UNIQLO Extra Fine Merino Turtleneck

Some of us can pull off a turtleneck with a suit. Others of us just simply cannot. If you or the guy youre shopping for is the former, then try UNIQLO. Get a size that fits slim, but not cling-wrap slim. The lightweight merino wool is perfect for layering (easily) under a suit jacket, and the neck isnt submarine captain bulky. Far from it. That, and theyre washable. So if you perspire a bit, thinking about how DEAD SEXY YOU LOOK in your turtleneck & suit combo, you can easily wash it when you get home.

Banana Republic Merino Wool Waffle-Knit Scarf $47.70($79.50)

Merino Wool Waffle-Knit Scarf

Suits = topcoats. And topcoats almost always = scarf action. Banana Republic cranks out a nicely textured, 100% merino wool scarf every year. Five, wheelhouse colors available. And that waffle texture really is super handsome in person. A nice gift, but not so expensive that itll break the bank.

Rowenta DR8080 Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer $50

Rowenta DR8080 Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer

Quite an impressive handheld steamer. Some handheld steamers just flat out dont do the job well. They spit water or hard water deposits, theyre awkward to hold, and/or the water reservoir runs out quickly. Thats not the case on any level with this super well made, easy to wield, plenty of water in the tank steamer.The dry cleaner can be terrible on suits, sportcoats, and blazers. The less trips there the better. So unless its soiled or its starting to stink, release the wrinkles with this and be on your way.

Best Made Co. Solid Brass Pocket Tape $58

Best Made Co. Solid Brass Pocket Tape

For those that measure their garments or need to get their own measurements for custom orders, eBaying, etc. Kinda ridiculous (it costs more than the flippin steamer!) but, well, its the holidays.

Coach Card Case in Leather & Signature Canvas $75

Coach Card Case in Leather & Signature Canvas

What was that about card cases and money clips? There are a LOT of weird looking card cases out there. Skip the plastic ID window versions and go with something simple. Not cheap (nothing at Coach is), but the branding here is subtle.

Kent Wang Made in Italy Grenadine Necktie $75

Kent Wang Made in Italy Grenadine Necktie

Skip giving him cheap ties. If the guy on your list wears suits a lot he knows where to get cheap ties. Instead, if hes been extra nice this year, opt for a splurge tie. Like this classic, silk grenadine tie from Kent Wang. Solid in color but with that unmistakable texture. Made in Italy. And unlike cheap ties, the construction and quality/weight of fabric makes it tie easier, and drape better.

Suitsupply Camel Wool & Leather Laptop Sleeve $149

Suitsupply Camel Wool & Leather Laptop Sleeve

A splurge, but, it is kinda like the coolest/nicest laptop sleeve ever. Certainly classier than the neoprene look. Not for everyone though. Certainly not for the types who proudly carry their work stuff in, say, a reusable grocery bag.But hey, if you happen to have a LOT of stuff youve gotta lug around on a specific day? I think weve all been there. (Hat tip to our man Brandon D. for the grocery bag heads up/link.)

Ledbury Fine Twill Semi Spread Collar Dress Shirt $145

Bar none, the best dress shirt (& collar if you go with the mid-spread) to wear when going tieless in a suit. Perfectly placed, slightly lowered second button. Terrific fabrics and construction. Yes, theyre an investment. And be warned. You might hook the guy on Ledbury if you give him one of these.

Rowenta IXEO all in one Iron + Steamer w/ 3-position board $243

That is the sexiest damn steamer Ive ever seen.And it might just be a game changer, being that its a steamer and an iron, all in once, with a pivoting 3-position board. Going with a professional style steamer like this one is the way to go if you can spend the dough. Steam will release those wrinkles and freshen up your duds, so you can go longer between dry-cleanings.

Hook + Albert Twill Duffle Bag $330($440)

Hook + Albert Twill Duffle Bag

A rare discount on what is, I believe, the original design of this sort of bag? Part duffel, part garment bag, 100% terrific for those who travel with suits and or sportcoats.

Persol 714 Steve McQueen Blue Lens Folding Sunglasses $360 w/ FRIENDS ($480)

Persol 714 Steve McQueen Blue Lens Folding Sunglasses

HAHAHAHAHA HOW MUCH?!?! But wait, theyre the Steve McQueen version? With the Blue Lenses? And they fold up just-so and fit perfectly in a suit jacket pocket? Oh for the wind and the rain, Im having flashbacks.

Hook + Albert Leather Duffle Bag $480 ($640)

Hook + Albert Leather Duffle Bag

Also in leather! But itll cost you more. Quite a bit more.Also available in black leather, in a slightly sleeker profile.

Black Lapel Custom Suits Gift Card: $499 $1099

Black Lapel

For the hard to fit suited-up types. This is a personal opinion, but to me, of all the online-custom suit companies out there, Black Lapel is one of if not the best. Theydontchop their suit jackets (imagine that). They were one of the first to ask for (faceless) posture pics and shoulder slope shapes. If youre tough to fit (like me) Id highly suggest giving them a try. Im a big fan of the ability to add single pleats (not the multi accordion style) to their suit trousers so you can get a little more room for badonkadonk. Also, I like a ticket pocket every once in a while. Thats also an option.

Suitsupply 100% Cashmere Double Breasted Coat $799

Suitsupply 100% Cashmere Double Breasted Coat

For those at the very top of the nice list. Something that should last a lifetime. Ships and returns for free. And keep the receipt. This is NOT the kind of thing that can fit even a little off. It has to be perfect.