These are all the amiibo you can use in Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo's amiibo are quite cool. They're these little figurines of popular Nintendo characters that you can actually use with the games you're playing. In the case of Splatoon 2, you can scan various characters using your Nintendo Switch to unlock them in your game. You can also save your stats, custom load-outs, and appearances for that character, and even access special gameplay additions and features when you scan certain ones. Here are all the amiibo you can use with Splatoon 2.

Punk & Proud

Inkling Girl (Red)

Staff Pick

She looks like she just got home from seeing her favorite rock band in concert and now she wants to paint the town red.

$20 at Amazon

Pretty In Pink


One half of the pop duo Squid Sisters, Callie, and her sister Marie headline shows and host great community events for the citizens of Inkopolis.

$115 at Amazon

The Other Half


You can't have one of the Squid Sisters without the other.

$69 at Amazon


Inkling Girl (Orange)

Inkling Girl is one of the most iconic characters in Splatoon 2, and this one has a delectable-looking stream of orange and white paint.

$10 at GameStop


Inkling Girl (Green)

Swap the ice cream orange for a minty-fresh green with this variation of Inkling Girl.

$52 at Amazon

Ready to Fight

Inkling Girl (Orange Smash Bros.)

Made to commemorate the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launch, this version of Inkling Girl features the same orange and white color scheme as the original, but she has an all-new pose and looks ready for a fight.

$28 at Amazon

Got The Blues

Inkling Boy (Blue)

It's Inkling Boy with a raunchy ponytail and royal blue pigment galore.

$15 at Amazon

Sour Grapes

Inkling Boy (Purple)

Inkling Boy's purple drab looks great with those gold and black boots.

$39 at Amazon

Lime Time

Inkling Boy (Green)

To hell with the ponytail, he says. This green take on Inkling Boy has style of his own.

$40 at Amazon

Beautiful Jewel


Pearl is one half of the pop duo Off the Hook. They prefer a more futuristic sound compared to the Squid Sisters.

$25 at Amazon

Aquatic Voice


Marina is the other half of Off the Hook. Her color scheme seems to have been lifted straight from a coral reef.

$26 at Amazon

Broad Strokes

Octoling Boy

Watch out for the hurt that can be brought on by his oversized paintbrush.

$28 at Amazon

Serious Business

Octoling Girl

She's not here for a home improvement project. This Octoling Girl has other types of business to handle.

$19 at Amazon


Octoling Octopus

He'd tell you to get off his lawn, but he lives in a sea of paint.

$22 at Amazon


Inkling Squid (Green)

This is what Inklings become when they're angry, even though it looks more scared than anything.

$19 at Amazon

Cautious Coat

Inkling Squid (Orange)

If green is too hard to see, you'll have a really hard time missing this orange Inkling Squid. And it still looks scared.

$52 at Amazon

Wide Eyes

Inkling Squid (Purple)

Alright, this one is twice as big and actually looks scary. Yikes!

$19 at Amazon

I've got an inkling

Whether you're out to add all of these amiibo to your collection or are looking for the coolest Inklings, these are all the figures that have some functionality with Splatoon 2. We recommend Inkling Girl (Red) because she looks awesome and she unlocks abilities like Run Speed Up, Opening Gambit, and Cold-Blooded. If you want the most iconic one, you should go with Inkling Girl (Orange).

Although we've linked individual amiibo here, there are some cases where you can buy them in a package deal to save money. We should also note that because some amiibo are rarer than others, you will find wild variations in pricing. Some run pretty cheaply, while some can run more than $50. Be sure to do as much research as you can to ensure you're getting the best price possible.