Childs Size Victorian Style Cast Waxed Antique Iron Hat and Coat Hook

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SMALLER SIZE for Childrens purposes and small areas

This is a quality made Cast Iron Coat hook fashioned in the traditional Victorian style for hats and coats finished in waxed antique Iron. The ends are rounded cause less stress to your coats. This is of smaller proportions to suit a childs needs. Larger ones also available ( example shown in the images but not included in the sale of this item)

These come with 'aged screws' (not the one shown), please check with your builder to ensure that they are suitable for your purposes

Ideally suited to the period home in a wardrobe, on a door or in a narrow hallway

  • Width: 2.6cm
  • Height: 8.5cm
  • Depth: 5cm

Actual weight: 47g

dispatched to you in a box.

We have larger slender Edwardian Style Hook also available for comparison:
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