Wallniture Costa Wardrobe Organizer Wall Mounted Clothes Bar - Hanger Holder Organizer - Steel 14.5 Inch Set of 2

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Easy Installation: Make your morning routine less stressful with this garment rack, each hanger holder has a length of 14.5” and a base of 5” x 1.25” holding up to 6 hangers. Find clothes and conserve space with ease.
Double Up Space: Hang whatever you want and double your hanging space. You can use shower hooks to hang jeans, or regular hangers for shirts, pants, jackets, kids clothing, boots, belts, you name it!
Get Rid of Wrinkles: You can mount these folding clothes hangers on any wall or even a solid door. The laundry room is the perfect spot to store clothes hangers, so you hang shirts and slacks fresh from the dryer.
Find Everything at Your Fingertips: These hangers holders are an amazing helper when you want to hang your clothes straight from the drier machine, or when you want some of them to get air dried. This easy-to-use tool stands up when not in use, and opens with a little flick, so you can save space when you’re not using it.
Compact and Lightweight: These wonderful hanger holders are useful and amazing holding up to 6 hangers each, even if clothes are wet, these racks are sturdy without bending. Don’t be fooled by its small size, it’s durable, efficient and perfect for clothes hangers.

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