Blacksmith Forge Iron Lever Door Handle On Diamond Fleur De Lys Backplate · Kirkpatrick 6050 ·

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Black iron spring loaded lever handle. Smooth iron finish. Bathroom, latch and lock options available (latch version shown). Also available in argent finish. Unsprung version also available (6051).

Key Features

ABOUT ARGENT FINISH: Argent has a slight stippled ‘naked’ silver metal finish which creates subtle highlights in differing lights, it is then coated with a clear lacquer to prevent rust.

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Kirkpatrick Ironmongery

A collection of antique black ironmongery manufactured by Kirkpatrick Ltd.
A comprehensive range of products is available including lever handles, knockers and letter plates for your front door, matching fasteners and stays for your windows together with cupboard knobs and hat and coat hooks for interior use all at competitive prices.
All products are supplied in polythene bags and outer boxes with fixing screws and spindles included where necessary.
To prolong the life and appearance we recommend lightly lubricating any moving parts and also wiping over the surfaces with a lightly oiled cloth from time to time.