Industrial High Viscosity Superglue

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Are you tired of having to use nails and screws during DIY and repair jobs? 
💪 This Universal Multi-functional Adhesive Superglue is all you need! 💪
Universal Multi-functional Adhesive Superglue! No More Nails! Original construction adhesive is a heavy-duty glue ideal for mounting and bonding, without the need for nails, screws or hassle.
    The multi-functional grab adhesive is suitable for most common building materials, e.g. wood, ceramic, metal, concrete, brick, plaster, stone, and most plastics.


    Specially designed for interior use, the grab glue ensures strong bonds for heavy-duty repair and DIY jobs in almost any capacity ideal as a skirting board adhesive and for many other internal bonding applications, including fixing coat hooks, window ledges and coving.


    This solvent-free mount glue is ideal for heavy-duty adhesion for DIY and repair jobs and eliminates the need for mounting with nails or screws.


      This super glue is suitable for many other materials such as concrete, brick, plaster or stone, as well as being an effective metal glue, ceramic glue and plastic glue.



        This strong instant mount adhesive is specially designed for interior use, providing strong bonds for DIY, mounting and repair jobs in the house.



          • Hassle free, Easy to Use - No running or dripping of glue during application
          • 100% Waterproof, UV and weather-resistant
          • Dries clear with no strong odor
          • Can be applied to flat, vertical, uneven and overhead surfaces
          • Paintable
          • Solvent-free
          • Works on Various Surfaces including rubber, metal, ceramics, plastic, glass, wood and more
          • Multi-purpose - Great for gluing D.I.Y. wood finish, repairing cracked items, sticking wall decorations and more!


            • Technology: Waterproof epoxy resin
            • Color: BLACK
            • Quantity: 1 pcs / 2 pcs / 3 pcs
            • Volume: 25 ml