King & Queen Antique Gold Crown Coat Hooks

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As the saying goes: Put it on a hook you'll know where to look, and what a truly regal place for a coat, hat or scarf to hang, it could even double up as a key hook if you have a wide keyring.

These coat hooks are super stylish with a distressed golden bronze finish and as they have been crafted from metal they are sturdy enough for heavier coats, providing you use a sturdy screw in the wall. The backs of these hooks have a simple keyhole type hole to hook over a screw (or nail if you're DIY heathens like us, but we do recommend a screw and rawl plug if you want to ensure it's staying up for good!!).

A lovely present idea for engagements, anniversaries, civil ceremonies & weddings, new families, birthdays and Christmas presents or just because (they're the best kind of presents!).

Make a quirky display with several placed in a row.

Measuring Approximately: 

  • Height: 12cm 
  • Width: 22.3cm
  • Depth: 5.2cm 
  • Weight: 0.17kg