Large Vintage Style Coat Hooks in GREY

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 After stylish, vintage coat hooks? Wall mounted designs are a great option to consider. This ornate, timeless hook will make a fantastic and (more importantly) practical addition to your home. The oversized nature of these maximises the storage capabilities. In addition, the double hooked nature of the product allows for excellent usability. This wall mounted vintage coat hook is affordable, easy to mount and can provide a hugely simplistic yet effective and fashionable statement.

Here at Love Hooks, we want your shopping experience to be as easy and pain-free as possible, and for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. The measurements for the wall mounted vintage coat hooks are listed below, to ensure that you find something suitable, usable, and effective for your home or office space.



  • Width: 10.7cm
  • Height: 26cm
  • Depth: 20cm
  • Actual weight: 283g


Created from zinc, these wall mounted vintage coat hooks feature an antique-style finish. The dark grey colour scheme allows this product to perfectly complement the current interior colour trends. The product may be grey, but it is by no means plain or boring due to the intricately designed carvings surrounding the hook. These hooks are also ideally suited to the period home or a magnificent contrast to an ultra-modern living space - superb in a group of three or five as a statement feature in your hallway.

But don’t worry, their beautiful aesthetic features do nothing to compromise their practicality. They are easily attached to the wall, requiring only two screws to be inserted into the bar on the back via the two holes provided, illustrated in the photos given. The hook is oversized with rounded edges, making it the perfect storage solution for an overcrowded wardrobe or drawer, without causing any damage to your clothing in the process.