Set of three Childrens Zoo Coat Hooks - Lion, Giraffe,Elephant

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Our most popular and favourite Cheerful Childrens Coat Hooks 

Fun set of three Childrens hooks of a Lion, a Giraffe and an Elephant in bright colours. The lion hook has the slogan..'Have Courage,follow your Dreams'. The Giraffe hook has the slogan..'Reach for the Stars'. The Elephant hook has the slogan..'Never forget that you are loved'. Each image plaque is 11cm x 11cm with chamfered edges.
Fabricated in coated MDF to give a ceramic feel with a white coated metal hook with ball end.

Overall size

  • Width: 11cm
  • Height: 18cm
  • Depth: 4.8cm

Approximate Weight: 115g each - Please note that you will receive three hooks

For the price this makes an ideal inexpensive 'any occasion' gift to send a chum in the post!! - or perhaps ask us to send it 
direct for you and we shall include your greeting.