Cast iron, antique vintage wall hook with three arms

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Does your hallway, bathroom or living room need a new level of sophistication and flair added to it? Our vintage wall hooks provide the stylish accessories you’re after! Our hooks are all designed from original pieces and quality-made out of cast iron, giving them an authentic Victorian vintage and antique feel that will add to the homeliness of any room. These iron hooks are timeless and transcend fashion-trends, they all have a wax finish, making them feel authentic and stand out against any wall or doorway and will last for very many years to come.


  • Width: 7cm
  • Height: 10cm
  • Depth: 7cm
  • Actual weight: 99g

These vintage wall hooks have not one, not two, but three arms to maximise their utility. The upper arm has a larger, flatter top, which, in traditional Victorian culture, would have been designed for hanging up bowler hats. The two bottom hooks are well-spaced and spread out, meaning that the hooks can be loaded as much as necessary without becoming overcrowded. We designed these hooks with the traditional, cosy family home in mind, particularly for period homes but the hooks are so tasteful that they could easily suit virtually any room in any home. Always made out of the highest quality materials, we guarantee your friends and family will fall in love with these hooks!

They are especially suitable on the back of a door or in a narrow hallway. The only thing you need to attach them to your chosen area is the antique-looking wooden screws that we provide free of charge with the hooks, but we do recommend you speak with your builder to check they’re suitable for your chosen surface. Also, why stop at one hook? We think these vintage wall hooks look fabulous in groups of three or more, lined up in your hallway as statement decorations. Mount them onto driftwood or wooden panelling to maximise their vintage, antique feel!

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